Students Tackle Medical Marijuana, Other Subjects on the Pages of the DHS Telegram

The staff at the DHS telegram has been hard at work covering a variety of stories for students at Dixon High

The staff at the DHS Telegram has been doing some innovative stories for students at Dixon High.

With the debate over in Dixon recently culminating in the city council’s decision to uphold a band on dispensaries, DHS Telegram staff writer Robert Williams set out to discover how easy is was to obtain the illegal herb at Dixon High and other questions relating to the subject.

Williams sent a survey of eight questions to students at DHS. The results were compared to a survey taken of students about marijuana during 2003. You won’t believe what the results of the surveys were. Check the story out here.

Williams also wrote a story about Dixon High's Acceptability Police that governs what web site students can access through the school's computer systems. Check out the store here.

Telegram staff including Jasmin Lopez, Garrett Rasmussen, Pearlani Crowly, Vanessa Preciado, and Carlos Lopez wrote and produced a Valentine's Dating show that featured four couples at DHS. RandomRam: Valentine's Day Special can only be seen at the DHS Telegram.

Daniel Carbajal reported on the senior AP Government's Congress simulation in which the students acted as members of Congress and attempted to pass a variety of bills that student groups made up including the Same Sex Marriage Act, the Healthy Teen Act and the Tobacco Non Legalization Act. Read the full story here.

Writer Alan Sanders reported on the high school's incredible achievement of having the largest population of students among all the schools within Solano County going on to college. Read his piece here.

Robert Williams visited D-Town Whips Open House and reported the story in this column. D-Town Whips is the name of the virtual business developed by students in the Virtual Enterprise Class at DHS.

In Arts and Entertainment news Zayra Bermudez reports on the Jersey Shore twist embraced by the school during Spirit Week. Blake Anders reports on the dangers of gambling, and in particular, the California Lottery.

In Sporting news, Garret Beal and reported on the Dixon Rams Girls Basketball Team's playoff game against East Union in Manteca. The Rams lost to East Union by 10 points. Check out Beal's coverage of the game.

While reading these stories, don't forget to check out the DHS Telegram's Opinion, and Events pages. Support the DHS Telegram.


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