Poll: Do You Support the Re-Hiring of Coach Troy Hensley?

Sound off on this anonymous poll. Drop a comment or two if you would like.

Last week, Dixon saw , their parents and Dixon High coaches crowd into the chamber of the during the meeting and sound off about the dismissal of former JV Coach Troy Hensley.

Ever since then, our Facebook page, and the Patch homepage has been full of comments in support of Troy Hensley.

It seems that everyone has an opinion on the matter, yet for some reason they choose not to comment. At Patch, we value your opinions and would like to give you the mechanism for sounding off on a variety of issues that are important to you, and Dixon for that matter.

Here you can do so, by voting on this poll. Do you support Principal John Barsotti's decision to not re-hire Troy Hensley?

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Mands February 10, 2012 at 08:53 PM
I find it ironic that there are so many comments about building a great program and how its not a popularity contest, and that “every coach serves at the invitation of Coach Besseghini”……. To even use the word serve in that sense is obscene. How is one able to promote the idea of a building a team and a solid program amongst the players when you have one coach “serving” another? Call it what you want to but I don’t think popularity is the right term, yes it is about leadership, but not everyone possesses all of the necessary qualities to be called a good leader. A great coach is not just someone that can get that little extra hustle out of you at the end of practice; we can all put a whistle to our lips and yell, there are so many more necessary layers. A great coach is someone that understands and respects you as an individual and a player. Someone you can trust and be able to communicate with, someone that you can relate to which is not always an easy task with high school kids. Why am I going to give you 110% when you don’t even care about me? I have had a lot of coaches through the years – some great, and some awful. Bottom line all the good ones had my respect. This level of respect was demonstrated in the player’s testimonials given about Troy.
Mands February 10, 2012 at 08:53 PM
The facts are blatantly obvious – Troy Hensley has a great connection with his players, and upcoming classes as well. He is a well known face in the community and is taking DHS Sports a whole new level, something the community has been waiting for. Troy and Brandi have been heavily involved in the Dixon sports community for years and are generous enough to give up their time for the betterment of Dixon’s youth. Like I said no one likes to be a loser, so why would you get rid of what made you a winner?
Ty Williams February 11, 2012 at 02:57 AM
Ive read all the comments in this thread and have a few things to say... First of all, for anyone to insinuate that Troy has acted in an inappropriate way with any child, is totally uncalled for and borders on slanderous. The Penn State scandal and Troy Hensley are galaxies apart. So if you really think it is anything like that, then you are giving rise to the small town stereotypical image Dixon has in Solano County. Secondly, Mr. Hensley's successes on and off the gridiron speak for themselves. He has posted two consecutive seasons of 7-3 as the Head Coach of JV Football team at DHS. He is also an outstanding basketball coach as well. Why the Principal didn't ask him back is obvious. It is the "good ol' boy network" rearing its ugly head yet again. I have followed the decline of the DHS Sports program for years now; and it is unnerving how so many talented athletes have slipped through the cracks because of those in positions of power at DHS and at the district level as well. Thirdly, the support given to Troy by his players should be evidence enough for the Principal and District members to realize the error of their ways. Far too many times WE, as adults, forget that it is not about us anymore it is about our children. I don't know if Troy rubbed someone the wrong way at DHS or the District office, but I would hope that if he did, that that person would realize that he may have only did it because he felt his players interests were being overlooked.
Heidi Steiner Arnold February 16, 2012 at 04:56 AM
My son has been coached by Troy for flag football and basketball for several seasons. He would like nothing better than to have Troy coach him in high school. Nobody can deny he's good at it and the kids love him. Enough said.
WD February 17, 2012 at 05:59 PM
Troy is the best man for the job bar none for many reasons. I too coach football and have seen the differences between Wes and Troy. A perfect example of this is virtually all of the jv players love and respect and enjoy playing for Troy,on the other hand alot of Varsity players will not return this upcoming season if Wes is their head coach. So what does that tell you.On another note Mr Crumpacker has caused nothing but negativity and division in the roles he has played within the high school sports community just look at what happened a few years back when this community came together and ousted him from the head coaching position at the varsity football team. Open your eyes folks!!!!


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