Council Candidates Debate: Measure N, Grant Writer Needed, Business Growth

Measure N, Priority Development Areas, Increased Crime and Teen Center Support were some of the topics touched on at Tuesday night's City Council candidate debate.

Five Dixon Council hopefuls tried out seats at the Dias in a debate forum hosted by the Solano County Taxpayers Association Tuesday night.

Jerry Castanon Sr., Ian Arnold, Yaqinah Abdurrahman, Ted Hickman, and Steve Bird gave their opinions on topics important to Dixon citizens, with hopes of being elected to one of two available seats. Here are some highlights: 

You've been elected to City Council and Measure N has passed. Morning View and other commercial deals have collapsed, what will you do as a Council member to mitigate the situation?

  • Castanon, "It would be a disaster if Measure N passed."
  • Arnold, "It starts before we get elected. If Measure N is passed, the current council should get a junction so the courts can sort out what are enforceable and unenforceable."
  • Yaqinah, "If the people wanted it to pass, then we need to go to the people and find out what they want us to do."
  • Hickman, "I see no option other than to rewrite it so that it is workable and try to get it back on the ballot; it's a frightful scenario trying to serve the electorate the way it hand cuffs you."
  • Bird, "You're the voters, don't vote for it and we won't have to deal with it. It will be challenged in interpretation by the council and attorneys I'm sure."

Dixon has a priory development area; walkable communities, green space, open space. I'd like to know what you feel about the area and the transportation money we are going after.

  • Yaqinah, "I can't give you an honest answer about that because I have only been in town for two years. I will find out and find out what the voters want."
  • Hickman, "If there are not existing agreements, one needs to be drawn and the city and council need to get on the same page."
  • Bird, "If re-zoning is good for the community and stimulates jobs then we need to meet them half way."
  • Castanon, "PDAs can work for us if we want to bring businesses and economic development to Dixon. It's good for Dixon and I think it's good for everyone."
  • Arnold, "Do we want the money that could potentially come with it. I don't know what strings will be attached to that grant money. It may come with high density housing requirements, we need to see the fine print."

Riddle's Letter Misleads over Measure N: Do you agree, disagree, support or oppose the measure?

  • Hickman, "I am opposed to it."
  • Bird, "I believe it is anti-business, and anti-commercial growth. If information gets out, it will endanger the lives of public safety officers."
  • Castanon, "Totally against it, opens tax payers wallets."
  • Arnold, "I am unequivocally against Measure N."
  • Yaqinah, "I will make a decision by the time I need to vote on it."

What do you attribute the increase in robberies and burglaries in Dixon to? What do you plan to do about it?

  • Castanon, "We need the police up to par at all times, we need to take care of the police."
  • Arnold, "The economy is terrible, people are going to steal. We can support the police and reach out with public with articles like the garage break in story that was helpful. Almost 1/3 of our police officers have lost their homes or are in foreclosure, we need to change that."
  • Yaqinah, "I don't have a criminal mind so I don't know why people would break into a house. Maybe if we took the time after arresting them to find out whats going on and why they are doing this, then we could create a report and to give to our police department so they can set up preventative measures."
  • Hickman, "The cause is exponential with growth, our proximity to the freeway, and us being easy victims; you really can't stop it. People really need to be more aware, people need to watch out for each other."
  • Bird, "It's about you the community members, we need your eyes and ears. We need to create more awareness programs. People can become part of the solution."

Have you ever visited the Dixon Teen Center while it's been in operation? What can the council do to support that operation.

  • Yaqinah, "Yes my daughter went to a dance, and she came back with raving reviews. What do they need? I'm new to Dixon but will find out."
  • Hickman, "The city should help put together grant packets. The more entertaining we make it the more teens will use it."
  • Bird, "Long over due and great for our city. What a great use for the old high school. The grant idea is great. Bottom line is we need to get the community members more involved. Those of us who have succeeded, like Nick Watney, giving back to the community we came from."
  • Castanon, "As a teen center volunteer I am there once a month. I urge you to volunteer, the kids need you and its a great spot, its happening. As a volunteer we play a role in leadership for them."
  • Arnold, "I think it is wonderful to see it running as well as it is now. We could help with grant money, local celebrities, semi pro sports players that live in the area."
Angela Meisenheimer October 03, 2012 at 08:17 PM
Dixon has an amazing opportunity shining new Hope for the community with the Morning View Studio, then comes this nasty deal breaker Measure N, what the heck?! Why & where did this come from, absolutely terrible timing stemmed by a bitter few? It’s bad & I’m mad and fed up that Dixon could miss another opportunity! Ted Hickman publicly announced last night AND APPOLOGIZED that he helped to get signatures for this Measure to be placed on the ballot – but NOW he is AGAINST MEASURE N! This should be very concerning to ALL Dixon Property owners& businesses – Vote No on N!!
Greg Coppes October 04, 2012 at 06:14 AM
Ted Hickman should be every veterans first vote. We should support those who support us and no one supports the veterans of Dixon more than Ted.


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