Emergency Call Leads to Unusual Discovery of Stolen Property, Arrest

A firefighter who responded to a Vacaville man's home Thursday morning for a medical call, discovered merchandise that was stolen from his home a week earlier police said.

Talk about an unusual arrest.

A Vacaville man went to jail on suspicion of possession of stolen property after he called 911 and a firefighter who responded to the home recognized some stolen property inside that belonged to him.

The Vacaville Police Department arrested Ricky Mankini, 47, of Vacaville, on suspicion of the aforementioned crime.

Mankini called 911 because of a medical emergency, according to the Vacaville Police Department, this morning at 9:14 a.m. The Vacaville Fire Department responded to Mankini's mobile home on the 1000 block of Nut Tree Road.

One of the firefighters who responded to the emergency recognized some merchandise inside Mankini's home that had allegedly been stolen from him a week earlier according to police.

"While at the residence, the firefighter - who's home had been burglarized a week earlier - recognized property that belonged to him, including a clothes washer and dryer as well as fire department-issued tools," a Vacaville Police press release stated. "When police officers arrived at the mobile home to investigate, the firefighter returned and positively identified over $2,300 of stolen property that belonged to him."

Police also found more stolen items inside Mankini's vehicle, police said. Mankini was taken to the Solano Couny Jail. Anyone with information about this crime is asked to contact David Kellis at (707) 449-5200.


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