Dixon Professional Firefighters Have Endorsed Candidates in the Upcoming Election

What do you think of their endorsements?

Dixon Professional Firefighters (IAFF Local 4665) announced that they have endorsed the following candidates in the upcoming election: 

  • Mayor:  Jack Batchelor
  • City Council:  Steve Bird and Jerry Castanon Sr. 
  • “No on Measure N” campaign.

They explained their decision in the the following release: 

The issues that face the community and its citizens require resolve through true leadership and open minds.  Action needs to be taken in both a socially and fiscally responsible manner that addresses both the needs of the community as a whole and those who stand to protect and serve, preserve its beauty, and encourage its potential. 

The Dixon Professional Firefighters are proud to stand behind our endorsements as the candidates all possess strong ethics, leadership, and a willingness to listen to the needs of both the community and the employees of the city.  They believe in responsible growth, economic sustainability, and stand united against government waste and poor utilization of funds and resources during challenging economical times.  They believe in the potentials of not only making Dixon a draw for others from outside the community, but the idea of bringing Dixon residents outside their homes to share in their own community.  In doing so they value and understand the need for strong public safety, clean parks, and recreation opportunities. 

The Dixon Professional Firefighters are also proud to stand behind the “No on Measure N” campaign.  Measure N is fiscally irresponsible, creates greater bureaucracy, and is damaging to the means in which the city and city council conduct business.  In an already challenging economic state, Measure N unnecessarily attacks the taxpayer’s wallets and places a further economic burden on the city to create an “open government” that already strongly exists in Dixon.

Questions regarding the Dixon Professional Firefighters endorsements or questions about the organization can be directed to our website at http://www.dpfalocal4665.org or to the contact listed below.

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Nick Warren September 23, 2012 at 10:53 PM
We feel that they represent the best interests of the community as a whole and that their ideas are not based on personal agenda or personal friendships. The candidates were chosen for their integrity and ethics, particularly in the manner that they will conduct themselves during meetings, towards the community, and amongst each other. They best represent the published City Council goals being: 1) Protect and Maintain Fiscal Sustainability. 2) Provide public services at a high level. 3) Promote economic development for Dixon. Most of all they approach their candidacy with passion and reverence as opposed to an “I have nothing to gain or lose” or “I don’t care” attitude.
Nick Warren September 23, 2012 at 10:54 PM
Public services are not being provided at a high level, but they are being performed at the highest level that can be at the time. It is by no means because of a lack of work ethic or responsibility of the employees of this city. All city employees are currently on a furlough program instituted by the city as a means to balance the budget. This has reduced services and/or the availability of service within the city. All city employees have taken this reduction including the fire department. It should be noted though, that the fire department took their furlough in the form of concessions as opposed to having hours off so as NOT to reduce services to the community. The fire department has taken reductions in salary, benefits, and other items consecutively over the past three contract periods. Many of these concessions were offered willingly by the Dixon Professional Firefighters as a means to preserve the city budget, not reduce services, and avoid layoffs. ALL city labor groups have done this as well to varying extent. Make no mistake; it is NOT the labor groups of this city that are causing budget problems. What is the cause is real estate issues, poor decisions based on personal agendas, and poor economic growth.
Nick Warren September 23, 2012 at 10:55 PM
Measure “N” now on the ballot and strongly backed by one of the candidates stands to cost you the taxpayer equally or more than it would to rescind the furloughs of all of the city workers and restore services back to normalcy. Currently it also stands to impede one of the best economic opportunities Dixon has had in several years. A personal agenda such as this (and this is just one example), coupled with an inability to work with others, with the community, and with city does not serve the Council goals in any fashion and is actually harmful to the citizens. The Dixon Professional Firefighters are a labor organization. It should naturally go without saying that we want the best for our membership that IS POSSIBLE. The function of any labor organization public or private is to stand for the salary, benefits, and working conditions of its membership. The firefighters are not asking for any candidate to give us everything we want, nor do we expect it.
Nick Warren September 23, 2012 at 10:56 PM
We believe in doing what is right by our community and existing in the realms of fiscal responsibility as should be evidenced by the many concessions already taken and having taken concessions in lieu of furlough time off. What we do want are members of council who are ethical, non-biased, and professional. The candor of the replies from some of the council candidates, notably the ones not hiding behind pen names in reply to this article should speak to the heart of the way that they conduct their relationships. Others, such as Ian Arnold, we thank for their professionalism and maturity despite not receiving an endorsement. We stand strong and collective behind our endorsements as they were unanimous. In saying that, we wish a strong and spirited campaign by all candidates in their race to November. Proudly signed by name, Nick Warren – Dixon Professional Firefighters - Vice President
C. Duncan September 25, 2012 at 08:10 PM
Nick, Thank you for taking the time and for writing such a thorough, articulate and professional response. Thank you even more for serving the citizens of Dixon in a highly dangerous and stressful profession. I think your group is to be commended for setting an example for the rest of us on how to prepare for an election and how to vote as informed, responsible citizens. You have done your homework. So have I. Reelect Mayor Jack Batchelor. Vote NO on Measure N. I have not yet decided which of the following three I am voting for: Steve Bird, Ian Arnold, Jerry Castanon. /S/ Cindy Duncan


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