After Rash of Catalytic- Converter Thefts, Dixon PD Offers Tips To Residents

Photo: Mark-N-Gard.
Photo: Mark-N-Gard.
After responding recently to several catalytic-converter thefts in Dixon, the Dixon Police Department offers some strategies that may help reduce your risk of being a victim.
  • Park in areas where your vehicle will be best seen by passers-by, such as under lights after dark or near windows at a business. Park near security cameras if possible.
  • Park defensively. Park high profile vehicles close to low ground clearance vehicles. This may make it harder for thieves to access more vulnerable targets.
  • If your converter is a bolt-on model, you can have the bolts welded shut and extra metal welded to the exhaust system.
  • Install a catalytic converter protection device that will clamp around the converter.
  • Etch your converter with your vehicle’s license plate number in several different places. This will help police track your property should it be stolen. Immediately report any thefts to your local police agency.
There are some online resources to help the community in its fight against thieves:
  • www.markngard.com has historically been a website to help customers purchase and use products to etch their property with distinctive markings.

Dixon police reported five thefts of catalytic converters on April 15 where the victims’ vehicles were targeted overnight as thieves cut the catalytic converters from underneath.

The thefts were committed in relatively close proximity to one another in the areas of Devonshire, Berkshire, McKenzie, and Ellesmere Drives. One was also reported in the Schooner Ridge Drive area.

Anyone who may have witnessed anything unusual or may have information relating to these crimes is encouraged to contact the Dixon Police Department.

Catalytic converter thefts take place because converters contain several types of recyclable materials that can be scrapped for quick profit.

These crimes have risen statewide over a number of years and are sporadically seen in Dixon.

 Thieves generally prefer high profile vehicles like trucks or SUV’ because the higher-ground clearance allows easier access underneath the vehicle, but no vehicle is immune to converter theft.

Prepared by Sgt. Loren Ellefson 


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