Population Size, Lack of Nightlife Top Dixon’s Best/Worst Aspects

Poll results reveal that the lack of nightlife in Dixon is the town’s least favorite aspect; its population size is users’ favorite aspect

A drive through Dixon in the evening will reveal a handful of taverns, restaurants and bars open for anyone craving some nightlife action. But users of Dixon Patch say it’s not enough.

Dixon’s apparent lack of nightlife or a movie theater is the city’s least favorite aspect according to a poll we posted. About 20 percent of the users who took the poll (39 in all) responded “Lack of nightlight or movie theater,” as their least favorite aspect of town.

The prevalence of graffiti was second on the list of the least favorite aspects of Dixon (17 percent of those polled). Meanwhile, in a separate poll, 22 percent of the 40 respondents said the city’s population (standing at 18,351 as of the latest U.S. Census figures) is their favorite aspect of  the town.

The second favorite aspect of the town, according to the poll, is its strong sense of community (17 percent). Check out the results of the two polls below.



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