Minnema: Traffic Woes Could Worsen in Wake of Scheduling Decision at DHS

Dixon Telegram columnist Devon Minnema presents his case against a mandatory sixth period at DHS.

In the most recent edition of the Dixon Telegram, columnist Devon Minnema lays out his case that having a mandatory sixth period will cause a significant traffic problem when school lets out each day along Highway 113.

Double Wednesdays (when there is a double period at and most of the school let's out early and at the same time) can be a traffic nightmare, Minnema said, turning what should be a five-minute drive from the high school to , into a 36-minute crawl. 

Minnema argues that having a mandatory sixth period would cause significant traffic congestion along Highway 113 because the entire school would be letting out at the same time.

<<Read Minnema's column at the DHS Telegram>>

But Minnema is not the only columnist at the Telegram who has written against the scheduling changes. DHS Columnist Ameet Sharma, , argued that many students use the zero period -- when students arrive early at school so that they can leave early -- to attend jobs and pursue interests outside of school.

However, the scheduling changes calling for a mandatory sixth period would exclude students who could provide proof of employment that would make it necessary for them to leave early from school.

DHS Telegram Zach Page also tackles the issue and interviews Principal John Barsotti in this column.

Now we put the question to the readers of Dixon Patch. Just how bad is the traffic along Highway 113 when school lets out -- both on Wednesdays and each day when DHS lets out?

Do you live along Highway 113? What are your thoughts?

Shelby Baldridge April 24, 2012 at 05:02 PM
I live on highway 113. It isn't THAT bad, but honestly, I'm never usually driving in it so I can't say for sure. I can say from the looks of it I wouldnt WANT to drive through it either. Lots of kids excited to be out of class tho, honkin and hollerin some of the time, lol.
Shelby Baldridge April 24, 2012 at 05:05 PM
...I think the christian school at the may fair creates a bigger headache, but that's just me. They need a new system for parents picking up kids.
Sam April 24, 2012 at 05:40 PM
I live off 113 too. Obviously no one wants more traffic. But I will say the kids getting out of school create dangerous situations with high speed erratic driving and drag racing their parents mini vans. Leaving the neighborhood christian school parking lot after picking up my child is quite dangerous, which is why I make a right only turn. Another option is kids can take 113 to midway to Pitt school rd which would free up traffic for 113
Trisha Seastrom June 02, 2012 at 08:12 PM
My bigger concern is eliminating the option for students who are employed to take a zero period and get out after fifth period. My son did this for two years in order to run his own farming business (he also employed two other students). He also worked on our family farm. He won many State and Regional FFA awards for this with the support of his FFA Advisors. Many fine students use this option to do good work and participate in other activities. While I admit i don't know the rationale for this decision, the new DHS administration needs to keep in mind that Dixon is still an agricultural community with strong, small town, family centered Agricultural roots. The flexible scheduling policy is partly rooted in this Ag tradition but serves other good educational purposes as well. Many other high schools still offer such an option and when monitored well it is effective. I realize DHS wasn't perfect before Mr Barsotti got there and changes were needed. My son graduated last June '11. It wasn't that long ago (I think my son was a junior, so 10 -11 year) that we were celebrating DHS winning the designation of "California Distinguished School.". This is quite an honor and was achieved by students and staff despite massive budget challenges. So I ask - are major changes such as this scheduling change really necessary? Hopefully, along with the DHS students, our elected school board trustees are also asking these critical questions of the new DHS administration.


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