A Film Studio or a Poorly Written Measure N? It's Your Choice.

Dixon residents have a big choice to make during this election. Measeure N a poorly written Open Government measure or a Movie Studio that will hire thousands and make millions for the community.

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As most Dixon residents know Measure N (open government measure) is threatening the forward movement and development of the Proposed Morning View Studio’s.  Carissa Carpenter (CEO of Morning View) has clearly stated without amendment that if Measure N were to pass the Studio project would not progress and they would find another community to build in.

Many of the proponents of Measure N have pumped out a smoke screen of information in hopes of confusing voters into voting yes on the Measure. 

Below I have listed for you some of the gains that we could see if the studio is built.

  • 1000+ temporary construction jobs.
  • 1000+ high paying jobs in the first 6-12 months of operation.
  • 2000+ indirect jobs in the local communities tied to providing services and supplies.
  • Average budget of a current film is 64 million dollars of which much would be spent locally.
  • Average budget for movie made for television is 4-7 million dollars, large portion spent at the studio and in the community.
  • Multiple films can be shot at the studios simultaneously.
  • Local real estate values will climb.
  • Local tax revenue will increase.
  • Local business will see an increase in revenue.
  • New business will need to be established to feed, entertain, supply, house etc the talent and production staff.
  • Philanthropy may also be involved between the studio and worthwhile community projects and organizations.

Consider all of the above gains against the poorly written Measure N.  It seems to me that we ought to Vote No on Measure N, give the studio it’s chance
to build and then within the next two years author a better Open Government measure.

I encourage all to vote and I hope the majority of you see this Measure in the same light that I do.

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Gary Erwin November 06, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Chris, I would encourage you to trust me but ask questions...like we were old friends... yea i snapped back, sorry. The Marin Studio can be found by google searching "Grady Ranch" you will see a rendering. Then look at the pictures on Dixon Patch of the Studio proposed for Dixon. you can the quickly see the diffrence.
Gary Erwin November 06, 2012 at 09:05 PM
Another item of note.... the film industry is getting ready for explosive sales in the China and India markets. though they make many of their own films they highly enjoy American films. Demand for American films will reach an all time high in the next twenty years.
Gary Erwin November 07, 2012 at 12:35 AM
Aaron, you are again correct. I know I need to get over that aspect. It presented problems with my track debate as well on this issue. If I had known who you were then I would have weighed that against your opinion, same with Chris. Hey you have to admidt...I thought you were your son on the track debate....not to far off. The one thing Chris might have missed is that this is a blog...I don't seped a lot of time writing them....if I were really writting an article I would spend more time listing my background info as well proofing and rewrites. On the blogs I let them fly...sometimes only using my moble device. Chris is correct that I often make leaps...these are in my writting...in my mind I know the info but fail to list it for readers some times. It is a shortcomming that I have....one that I should improve. I'm telling you all....a studio like the one proposed is going to be a good thing for us...use it will change the town, but the town is not what it was.... When I was a kid we were but 3000 residents we all knew each other, it's not that way anylonger and it never will be. I'd love to work in town and have more time for my family and community... I'd like to help bring the arts back into the community....and many other things. The Studio that was in Marin was a great thing for them, and it will be for us...if it gets built. Cheers!
Gary Erwin November 07, 2012 at 02:29 AM
George Lucas Donates 4 BILLION to education.....what a man!
The Great Pragmatist August 11, 2013 at 09:35 AM
Well we voted down Measure N. Still waiting for the film studio that was promised by opponents of it. Ha ha. It is never coming. I will say here and now Measure N would've brought Carissa down well before the Bee got involved. Ironically, the movie studio fiasco that was cited as a reason to oppose Measure N proves it was needed!


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