Chamber of Commerce Welcomes SaveWithSunlight

New member SaveWithSunlight offers affordable solar panels

The Dixon Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting and 95.3 KUIC Coffee break for new member SaveWithSunlight, which offers affordable solar panels for homes, businesses and schools.

This solar power team includes Chief Executive Officer Ted Parkman, Marketing Director Tom Parkman and Damien Luzzo, vice president of public relations. 

SaveWithSunlight offers cheap, fixed, monthly payments with no upfront cost for solar power.

"We connect you with the best available solar panel installers in your area, and maximize your savings with the best available federal and state incentives and rebates," Tom Parkman said. "Our mission is making going solar cheaper than not going solar.”

SaveWithSunlight is happy to come to you for a free consultation, starting with a free evaluation of how you can immediately lower your energy consumption by up to 20%, just by making cheap and easy energy saving changes.

"Consider us a public service annoucement," Luzzo said. "We started this business to really help people save energy and money, and we really just want to give back to the community that we grew up in."

To find out more about SaveWithSunlight call Ted Parkman at 707-514-5091 or visit their website at www.savewithsunlight.com.

To learn more about becoming a member of the Dixon Chamber of Commerce call 678-2650 or visit www.dixonchamber.org


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