Amateur Winemakers -- The Dixon May Fair Wants You!

Statewide entries from wine hobbyists for a fair competition are being accepted.

Logo for the Dixon May Fair running May 8 to 11.
Logo for the Dixon May Fair running May 8 to 11.

As increasing numbers of Californians try their hand at making wine, amateurs are being invited to enter competitions to show off their talents at the  Amateur Wine Competition at the Dixon May Fair

Entry forms will be accepted from wine hobbyists throughout California through April 11.

The Danish system of judging  -- each entry is judged on its own merit -- will be used for seven white wine divisions and nine red wine divisions.  

There are also divisions for non-grape wines from any other kind of fruit and dessert wines, fortified and late harvest wines.

Amateur winemakers, over the age of 21, will submit two sealed and labeled 750 ml. bottles.  

One bottle will be opened for judging and one will be on display during the Dixon May Fair, which runs May 8 to 11.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Rosettes will be awarded per class. In addition there will be a $25 cash prize for the Judges Choice of Best Wine Label. 

Wines will be received April 26 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.  Wine may also be shipped to the Dixon May Fair and must be received no later than April 25. 

For more information and complete rules, visit www.DixonMayFair.com or contact Sandy Bonesteel at 707.678.5529


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