Arbor Day, Block Party, Spring Clover Promotion Keep Tremont 4-H Club Active

Several recent activities have kept the gang at Tremont 4-H Club busy

Tremont 4-H Club Arbor Day Tree Planting

By Kristina Fink, age 13

On April 30, 2011, the Tremont 4-H Club celebrated Arbor Day by planting trees. Arbor Day is when people plant a tree and do something good for the Earth.

The trees, which were donated by club members and the community residents, were planted in Northwest Park. I was very impressed that the volunteers planted four 15 gallon trees in less than one hour! This year we planted two Deodar Cedars, one Fantasy Maple, and one Linden Tree. Everyone who volunteered had a blast!

I would like to give special thanks to those who donated trees and the park neighbors, Charlie and Lisa Reid, who allowed us to get water from their home to give the trees a good start. We tried to fill big buckets with water from the drinking fountain. This took too long! So we asked if we could fill our buckets from their hoses. They said yes and even gave us 6 baby chicks to take home and keep.

I would also like to thank our club volunteers: Gabi and Kyle Alcantara, Lindsay Cintas, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fink, Isabelle Speer, Mr. Andy Speer, Mrs. Helen Ritchey, Michaela Watts, and myself, Kristina Fink.

To date, the Tremont 4-H Club had planted over 15 trees in Parks and Community Centers throughout Dixon. Hopefully, next year, we will be able to have more volunteers and more trees to plant to help our community and environment.

Tractor Supply Spring Clover Promotion: The results have been tallied, and the Spring Paper Clover promotion with Tractor Supply Company/Del’s raised $247,370 for 4-H! In the coming weeks, National 4-H Council will be sending a detailed state report of the funds raised at each store location to every state 4-H office. Together, Tremont 4-H and Roving Clovers 4-H clubs received a $100 gift certificate from 4-H Mall Store for third place in the Spring 2011 Paper Clover Photo Contest.  

Tremont 4-H Club Participates in Dixon Family Services Block Party

By Gabi Alcantara, age 13 and Sage Alvarez, age 13

At the block party we did a skit called” if I weren’t a 4her I would be..”. It was humiliating and a pain because nobody wanted to do it. In the end I guess it was pretty fun.

We worked at a booth where we let little children pet our rabbits and chickens. The kids were very fascinated by all the animals. It was heartwarming to see their gigantic smiles on their adorable faces. There were a lot of other booths but our booth was by far the coolest.


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