Dixon Will Appear in a Book About Baseball in Rural America

The Farmer's Game: Baseball in Rural America is being processed and will be available soon.

Dixon will soon appear in a book about baseball. The City of Dixon worked with the book's author on the project. Here's a bit of information about the book, which will be available on Amazon soon: 

The Farmer's Game: Baseball in Rural America includes information about the rural baseball teams in Dixon. Our archivist, Shirley Parsons, worked with the author David Vaught and a photograph from the Dixon Archives appears on page 46 in the book. The book is being processed and will be available to check out soon!

Available on Amazon

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Dixon Public Library November 28, 2012 at 12:35 AM
We are thrilled about Dixon being featured in The Farmer's Game and are especially proud of the hard work of our archivist, Shirley Parsons- whose knowledge of the history of the Dixon community is unparalleled. Just a small correction though- Ms. Parsons worked with the author of the book and accessed our archives on behalf of the Dixon Public Library and that is where the book will be available for check-out. For more information on this title, please call us at 707-678-5447 or visit our Facebook Page. Thanks! Vanessa Christman Director, Dixon Public Library


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