VIDEO: UCD Student Surprised with World Series Ticket By Coworkers

This video will make you feel good. Watch it.

The UC Davis Coffee House staff delivered a pretty incredible surprise to a fellow employee (and huge Giants fan) after Game 1 of the World Series. The surprise was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube by user Alicia Sanhuez Thursday. 

Rather than step on the storyline, I suggest you just watch the video above. Here’s the description: 

If you've been to the UC Davis Coffee House at some point these past couple years, you've met Kyle. And I'm pretty sure he waved at you with the biggest smile, and greeted you like you were one of his closest friends. The kid works 35+ hours a week, is taking an astonishing 21 units, and is supporting himself through school. He is a fantastic co-worker, a great friend, and someone that would have anyone's back.

With the help of his CoHo coworkers and their spontaneous donations, this goober got an extra special surprise after Game 1 of the World Series...

Have a great time Kyle, CoHo loves you!

Laura October 26, 2012 at 04:09 PM
You're right, this did make me feel good! I love when a nice person gets something nice done for them! Congrats Kyle!


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