Students: Dixon High Athletic Director Talked to Class About Penis Size

Students say Tom Crumpacker spoke to them about his genitalia; Crumpacker says the matter has been addressed with Principal John Barsotti.

Dixon High's athletic director, who two months ago was under fire for coaching decisions made at DHS , now faces an allegation that he made inappropriate sexual comments six months ago to a weightlifting class.

A parent is raising questions about the incident now because, she said, she's not convinced the school took the incident seriously. Meanwhile, because of the privacy surrounding personnel matters, school district officials say they can't reveal the outcome of their investigation into the allegations or whether any disciplinary action was taken against Athletic Director Tom Crumpacker.

Sherry Bedoya said she told high school Principal John Barsotti that her son revealed comments Crumpacker made to a weightlifting class in November inside the school’s small gymnasium.

Bedoya said she heard her son talking with a few of his friends at her house the weekend of Jan. 21.

“The kids were talking about it and I overheard them and I made them tell me what they were talking about,” she said.

That’s when the teenagers told Bedoya about a November 2011 incident, she said.

They told her that Crumpacker, the instructor of the school’s weightlifting class, brought the class – consisting of both girls and boys – into the school’s small gymnasium.

“In class, in the middle of weightlifting class, he would make a comment about his genital area and how big it was,” said Nico, Sherry Bedoya’s son, a 17-year-old junior.

“One day he just pulled us all into the small gym, and he was saying how ‘If we want to be dicks he will be a dick too,’ because he has a bigger dick than anyone,” said Nolan Williams, a 16-year-old Dixon High School sophomore who was also in the class. “I understand it would be funny (if it were said in front of just guys), but it was around a lot of girls and younger students. There were probably six or seven girls in there."

“Crumpacker was joking around and made a comment saying that there was no condom big enough for his dick,” said Darrien Vlahos, 17. “I think he was just playing around really. I wasn’t really listening to the conversation. Well, at first I didn’t really think of it, it was just a comment and then I kind of thought of it, it seemed really inappropriate with the girls.”

“I didn’t talk to the students about my penis, directly,” Crumpacker said just before Spring Break, but did not explain what he specifically said to the students. He said any further questions needed to be directed to Barsotti.

None of the boys interviewed for this story were offended by the comment, they said, and therefore didn’t make a big deal about it. Each of them plays football for Dixon High School and a certain amount of locker room talk comes with being a football player, they said.

Sherry Bedoya, however, saw it differently.

“The point is that he was doing it in front of females and males,” Bedoya said. “That’s inappropriate. For one thing, he is making it look like it’s OK for him to do stuff like that. He shouldn’t be talking about that with any student. I don’t want him teaching my kids that it’s OK to talk to kids like that.”

Bedoya reached out to Principal Barsotti on the following Monday, Jan. 24, after hearing about the incident from her son, she said. 

Barsotti said he had heard rumors about the incident circulating through the school and decided to follow up on them by launching an investigation.

“I would agree that this is serious,” he said. “I did an investigation, not one student has come forth. I did have one family contact me, not the student directly.”

Barsotti declined to talk about the results of the investigation, saying the district has privacy policies in place.

Dixon Unified School District Interim Superintendent Brian Dolan acknowledged an investigation was conducted into the allegations but declined to say anything further.

“As this is a personnel matter, I have very limited ability to make any comments regarding the concerns raised about Mr. Crumpacker. I can, however, verify that his statement that Mr. Barsotti addressed this issue with him previously is accurate," Dolan stated in an e-mail. "A family brought the matter to the attention of the site administration and me in late January, at which time Mr. Barsotti investigated the concerns and followed up on them with Mr. Crumpacker. Neither the specific nature of the concerns nor the follow up steps that Mr. Barsotti took can be discussed as such matters are confidential under California labor law and our contract with our Teachers Association.”

Sherry Bedoya said Barsotti pulled her son into his office to talk about the allegations. Nico Bedoya was removed from the weightlifting class, Sherry Bedoya said, with an assurance the issue would be addressed. But Bedoya said she hasn’t heard from Barsotti since.

“I wanted the principal to do something about it and not just take Nico out and not do anything about,” Bedoya said.

Barsotti said he is concerned students are not following the school board procedure for reporting a complaint against a teacher or staff member. He said the students are bringing their complaints directly to the media, instead of to him or school staff.

The three students, however, said they told their parents about the incident and some of the parents spoke with Barsotti or staff about it.

“At first we just kind of walked it off, it was kind of awkward and weird,” Vlahos said. “I didn’t (talk to Barsotti). I’m not sure if anyone else did. I know that Nico’s mom went in and complained, and my mom went in and asked. My mom just went in and was concerned and asked about it.”

Vlahos said his mother approached DHS Assistant Principal Stephanie Marquez about the comments, and was asked to submit a written complaint, but never did so.

“My mom forgot to do it,” Vlahos said.

Sherry Bedoya said she did not write a formal complaint to the school on the basis of her conversation with Principal Barsotti, she said.

“I trusted that the guy would do what he said he would do, it was his word that he would take care of it,” she said.

According to DUSD policy the school’s administrator, Barsotti, must establish a mechanism for the public to file complaints against staff members. The policy states that the complainant should make attempts to resolve the compaint directly with the district employee. If the complaint is not resolved, the complainant must file a written complaint to the site administrator or the district superintendent.

Since no written complaint was filed – Bedoya made a telephone call to Barsotti, Vlahos’ mother was asked to write one, but never did – it leaves Principal Barsotti without a formal document to act upon as dictated in the policy.

The allegations against Crumpacker surfaced around the same time that Dixon High School’s sports program was the talk of the town following Barsotti’s decision to let go of former junior varsity football coach Troy Hensley, causing a community backlash.

At an early February board meeting, several individuals spoke in support of Hensley, bringing other issues related to sports program to light.

Hensley hired an attorney to explore a possible with claims the athletic director violated the school’s substance abuse testing policy.

Although the school board has vowed to revisit the policy and has put a call out to the community, both to make recommendations about the substance abuse policy as well as the policy for temporary coaches, Hensley is moving ahead with his complaint against Crumpacker and the district.

It was during this time, especially after the Feb. 2 board meeting when many students spoke in favor of Hensley’s re-instatement, that Crumpacker’s comments to the weightlifting class surfaced. Nico Bedoya and Nolan Williams were at the meeting and were in favor of Hensley’s re-instatement.

When asked if the firing of Coach Hensley had something to do with her complaint, Sherry Bedoya said: “That doesn’t have anything to do with what we are talking about right now. This guy is being inappropriate. He’s a role model for our kids. He (Barsotti) needs to do something about it.”

Board members Gil Pinon, Joe DiPaola and board president Irina Okhremtchouk said they were not aware of accusations against Crumpacker and could not provide an official comment. They also said the accusations are serious and would require action if merited.

Sherry Bedoya said she is considering putting her complaint in writing to the school if she does not find out the outcome of the investigation into the allegations.

cambell April 14, 2012 at 03:29 AM
Miranda - You said it well. T HEY ARE IN IT FOR THEMSELVES.
Sherry April 14, 2012 at 03:31 AM
I don’t have to respond or explain myself to any of the above individuals, but I believe an explanation is warranted. I understand there are those who must make this whole situation into something it is not. To make it clear, I don’t give a care about the football program, the coaches or who runs the school’s administration. If my son chooses to play football I will support him. If my son chooses not to play football then that is his choice. This is NOT about football or the program. The fact is I’m a concerned parent. I overheard the kids talking at my house about a teacher; they were saying disturbing things that this individual has done and said. They talked about things that the reporter did not mention. I did not overhear this conversation in November or whenever these incidents occurred. I overheard this on a Sunday on January 24th. The very next morning I went to the high school and spoke to the acting principal, Mr. Johnson. He was also very concerned and he did exactly as I asked of him; to remove my son from the teacher’s classroom, to not discuss the reason with my child or the teacher involved and to give Mr. Barsotti my phone number to return my call that evening, or first thing on Tuesday morning.
Sherry April 14, 2012 at 03:32 AM
After some encouragement, I spoke with Mr. Barsotti and he assured me that “he would take care of it”. He never indicated that I must or should file a complaint, written or otherwise. We finished our conversation with the understanding that he would conduct an investigation. Needless to say, my son is now out of the teacher’s classroom and I am happy. So why care? Personally, I have a problem with this incident. I feel it is degrading to the females and disgraceful that this individual continues as a role model for many young men and women in his current influential position in our community. Yes, in this real world, I am not sorry that I expect nothing less than professional individuals to be employed as teachers and role models for our children. It was and is my professional duty to say something and I will file a formal complaint.. If there is any chance that a young life can be adversely affected in any way by NOT saying anything then I will speak up. What is done about my voice is up to those in charge, but at least the awareness is now apparent to the community and to the young men and women in the classrooms to realize that this behavior is not normal or acceptable for any teacher in the classroom setting.
Glenda Stormont April 14, 2012 at 03:54 AM
This school's Principle, Vice Principle and Crum are on the biggest power trip. They expect perfect behavior from our kids but are horrible examples themselves. They pick the wrong coaches for our athletic programs and stick to the bad decision to let us all know that "They are the almighty powerful ones." Well I have power too. My child will attend school out of town next year. There are schools out there that actually listen to parent and student concerns. They welcome and appreciate parents volunteering and involvement. I think all of you that feel betrayed by this school this year should do the same. Also I don't believe that Brandy was asking for a thank you at all. It's my guess she was just expressing a feeling of genuine betrayal by these people. Lets face it, they really did volunteer alot of time and energy for those students. I would like to say a huge THANK YOU. I can remember when people like them were respected in this town. It's changed alot these last few years. Too bad for everyone.
Stephanie Machado April 14, 2012 at 04:45 AM
If us parents do not stick up for our kids that are too afraid to speak, because of any reprocussion than might happen, well then we are all wussies. We are showing them to stand up for themselves and for what is right. I have been in this town a long time, and all this crap is ridiculous. Our principal needs to get a back bone and handle situations when they first come up, and not wait for more complaints. All it took was the 1st to have the balls to speak, and then the bulls came running. There is no hiding now. I believe the wall is about the crumble.
Nick Carrasco April 14, 2012 at 10:53 PM
Tom Crumpacker is an invaluable teacher and coach to Dixon High School. This slander, based off of a quote taken out of context (confirmed with students) and rooted in discontent with an unrelated coach firing is unwarranted. Are the residents of Dixon so set on firing Crumpacker that they are waiting for him to say the word "penis" so they can pounce on him? Crumpacker is not perfect, but he is one of the best teachers at DHS. Without Tom, I would not be where I am right now (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) and many of my peers would have not have had the success they've experienced. I have had teachers use profanities and inappropriate language in front of me. It shouldn't happen, and you guys are right, it is the wrong choice. But it is no grounds to fire someone. If the word "penis" offends you, and you are over 13, then you have some work to do before you get to the outside world. Or even outside of your house. Tom's use of a drug test was completely warranted and legal, and if it is true that the student tested positive, then what is the argument here? That he didn't baby him? I think it is offensive to Crumpacker that all of the work he has done to strengthen the community is being whittled down to a profanity, the most common of mistakes. Tom is not tearing apart the community, he has made huge strides in more sports than football. Firing him will take away an invaluable teacher and mentor for your students, remember that.
Nick Carrasco April 14, 2012 at 11:33 PM
Please note that I do not intend to personally attack anyone with my comments though, so please do not be offended. I intend to defend Crumpacker, I respect all of your opinions just as well as I believe mine should be valued.
Claudia April 15, 2012 at 01:00 AM
I understand how this is inappropriate, but I don't understand the level of upheaval over some inappropriate penis jokes made in front of a bunch of teenagers. This is about an inappropriate joke, right? It seems a little over the top. I had Crumpacker as both a coach and a weightlifting teacher. I found him inspiring in the fields of physical fitness, he pours his heart and soul into it, and has impacted my life in the area of running and trying and putting effort forth like no other teacher. But when you are not so square that you fit in a box, someone at some point is bound to have a problem with you.
Natalie April 15, 2012 at 05:58 PM
I would like to echo Nick and Claudia's comments regarding Crumpacker's impact as a coach and teacher. He was my coach for four years of cross-country and track, and my teacher in weight-lifting and human grown and development. I had several outstanding teachers during my time at DHS, but I can't think of any that cared more and spent as much time trying to find ways to help us succeed. I honestly believe that through the sports he coached, I gained a lot of the determination and ability to work through adversity that have helped me in college and then my career. I have not lived in Dixon for a while so I can't pretend to understand some of the more recent events being discussed, and clearly there are some jokes that are inappropriate and better left between people of the same age group, but I would hate to see other high schoolers miss out on Crum's positive influence because of an off-color joke.
Mr. Preguntas April 16, 2012 at 07:14 AM
Lots to wonder about in this situation, but here are a few of the biggest questions: 1. How did this story get to the attention of the Patch? Mr. Villatoro, are you willing to say who first brought it to your attention? Was it the Bedoyas, one of the boys, or one of the anti-Crumpacker crowd who speak against him above? 2. Why, if it was the Bedoyas, did they wait so long to bring it to you? They were pretty noisy about this with the football crowd and around town. Mr. Bedoya even met with Crumpacker, according to the version of this I heard a couple of months ago. If it was so heinous a crime, and kids were jeopardized, why wait to go to the press? 3. If the Bedoyas did not bring it up now, who did? If it was Brandy Hensley or her husband, are they willing to answer to the spectacular demonstrations of bad language, anger, and immature behavior they have displayed at swim meets and basketball games over the years? At least the kids seem to think Crumpacker was joking around. If you have seen a Hensley "moment," can you say the same thing? 4. Don't we have a lot of kids in the schools who cannot read or write very well, solve math problems, or demonstrate that they have learned in other ways? Isn't it high time that this is the focus of the community's energy instead of all of this other drama? Tell me anyone who has succeeded in life because of who their JV football coach or Athletic Director was as opposed to the skills and knowledge they possess.
Carlos Villatoro April 16, 2012 at 09:08 AM
Mr. Preguntas 1- this came out during the reporting of the coaching problems at DHS and the subsequent announcement about a possible lawsuit was being prepared against the district and Mr Crumpacker. We talked to some students, but did not report further because no one wanted to go on the record. 2 - Can't say for sure, but I think it's because the parent wanted to give the school and its administration time to fix the problem before airing out their concerns to a media outlet and go on the record. Since nothing was ever communicated to either the parents or the school board about an investigation, the parents and students decided it was time to talk. ALSO, no one is talking about a heinous crime, and I highly doubt that as you put it "kids were jeopardized." SO don't know where that is coming from. 3- See Respuesta 1.. You would have to ask Brandy or Troy about that one. 4- Not quite sure about that, it's not for me to decide, but it's a good topic to talk about. What do you guys think? Now ... some preguntas for Mr. Preguntas. You said that you heard this story a few months ago? From who did you hear it and in what context? Do you have a student at DHS and if so, if a teacher would have spoken to you about penises would you be upset? Are the parents in this story making a big deal out of nothing? If so, why or why not? Lastly, where did you get that cool name? Hasta luego preguntas. Hope that helps.
WD April 16, 2012 at 03:19 PM
If Crumpacker was such a "great teacher" as a couple of you have stated , we would not be having this conversation. He has been the center of controversy ( all negative by the way) for many years in this community. He has had the citizens of this town oust him from the head coaching position a few years ago, he is arrogant and a cancer to anything he's involved in. He is also the reason many athletes will not be playing football this coming season. And as an adult (teacher especially) the penis comments around young women or women of any age is absolutely inappropriate . Barsotti and Dolan need to do their jobs and put an end to this kind of drama that Crumpacker constantly creates.
Aaron April 16, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Let's be realistic folks.... The offense, if true, is not worthy of termination. The investigation into the issue (and disposition of) is a private, employee related matter. We don't get to know about the outcome no matter how curious we are! If you don't like the process, meet with your elected officials (School Board Members) face to face and tell each of them what you think. They are the ones you hold responsible for school district issues. If you don't like what's going on at the high school, vote the current board out for not doing what you asked them to do. Don't hold a trial in the court of public opinion. Justice is hardly ever served in such proceedings.
Truth whisper April 16, 2012 at 06:12 PM
The funny thing is if we said this at our work places, we all know this could be enough for strong disciplinary action or even termination. We all work around adults not kids so i can only imagin the standard teachers are held to.It might not be a big deal to talk about your junk to kids to you supporters. But normal people are not cool with it. It's not heinous it's just creepy and everybody know you can loose your job for it. Sexual harassment 101.
Nick Carrasco April 16, 2012 at 07:48 PM
1) The argument that we would not be having this conversation if Crumpacker was a good teacher is bad logic. People who are good at their jobs are involved in controversy all of the time, perhaps even more so than people who are bad at their jobs. To be blunt: We would not be having this argument if a coach was not fired. 2) People say this at their work place all the time. You don't do it at a meeting though, this is the type of stuff that is said at the water cooler, or behind closed doors. "Normal People" implies a completely different environment, and from what I have seen, the people who are most critical of Tom are the people who do not work in his environment. I don't think any of the students were offended by it, otherwise Sean McGreevey would have a lot more distressed kids in his office. 3) To say that Tom is a cancer is to ignore his success. What about the cross country team? 7 years ago they were nothing, and when he took over, they first went to sections and then the next year, states! A direct impact of his motivational skills and athletic expertise.
Miranda L. April 16, 2012 at 09:15 PM
Truth Whisperer..... your statements imply guilt. This article is FULL of false information written as truths! It begins with a title that states the surroundings of the allegations as fact-that he did it. Carlos did a very poor job reporting the information he received from specific individuals as allegations, which is exactly what they are- ALLEGATIONS. Innocent until proven guilty. A mainstay of our government. Tom Crumpacker has had a huge amount of success, both academically and athletically, in Dixon. It is unfortunate Carlos doesn't run a piece on that, or on successes of all the teachers in Dixon and what they do for this community. The only time you hear from anyone is when they have a complaint or something negative to say. Well there are people in this community that are tired of hearing from this same group pushing their agenda.
Truth whisper April 16, 2012 at 11:43 PM
First you miss spelled my name. It's whisper. And when someone is quoted " I didn't talk about my penis directly" that means you said it and your down playing it. Miranda Nick and crum can discuss his penis size and figure out if their is a big enough condom to fit it. Because it ok with them. Mean while I will start figuring out if his last four years coaching dhs football with a record of 9-40. Is motovatioaly skilled and athletic expertise. It's pretty hard to be a cross country coach and teach people how to run in a straight line. My daughter won't be at dhs next year!!
Leroy Kett April 17, 2012 at 01:27 AM
The only reason this is even an issue, is because Crumpacker went along with not asking a member of the Fanning clan back as a coach. A better story maybe investigating all the rumors, of under age drinking at a certain bar in town by football players. Does anyone know, if the "victim" of the improper drug test, tested positive. After all every good coach knows the best defense is a good Offense.
Chevy Jones April 17, 2012 at 01:27 AM
When a female DHS student asked Mr. Crumpacker in class how to get rid of "love handles" he said, "making love, you burn off alot more calories making love than running". Another DHS female student heard his answer also. This incident is well known at the High School so if Mr. Barsotti wants to take the time to investigate, he will find out it is true if he doesn't already know. More than a little inappropriate, I'd say!
Miranda L. April 17, 2012 at 04:28 AM
Truth Whisper - You're going to talk about my spelling??? Check your last blog!! Leroy Kett - Thank you for your comment regarding a "certain bar" in town. It's ridiculous the amount of hypocrisy that spills out of some people in this community. And YES, the student DID test positive! NOT because of a loophole or even a teacher but because he was dirty! Chevy Jones - If that did in fact happen then file a complaint! There is a process and protocol for how to handle concerns and issues, and somewhere along the line certain people and students thought it meant to bash people over blogs and speak unfounded statements as truths. Stop complaining and do something!
Ruben G. April 17, 2012 at 06:24 AM
Truth Whisper, you should leave the athletic talk to those who have an understanding of athletics. Your comment, "It's pretty hard to be a cross country coach and teach people how to run in a straight line", could not be anymore ignorant. You obviously don't know anything about the sport of cross country, and probably football too! Records are often not just a reflection of a head coach, but the players as well. I have never seen a coach fumble a ball, miss a tackle/block, or drop a pass. That would be the players. Interesting how you didn't mention any of Crumpacker's other football teams, including what could have been arguably the best squad DHS ever had. If cross country was SO easy to coach as you presume, then probably someone with as little knowledge as yourself could do it. Many of his former X country athletes have come, not only to his defense, but also to emphasize what an important role model he was and IS to them. (It's called mentoring, look it up). Just like other disgruntled "Dixonites", you think everything is about winning and losing. Sports are about the life lessons you can take with you into the real world. That has NOTHING to do with winning or losing, but how you handle your successes and failures. Every great athlete will be the first to tell you that they have learned more from a loss than ANY victory. You obviously haven't learned this yourself. You not only offended the sport, but our young athletes and anyone who has ever ran.
Truth April 17, 2012 at 08:22 PM
Try your hardest to imagine this article without names. IF it had ran without names of people you knew or knew of- it would be a lot different. It would not have been turned into a trash talking response session. Face it NOTHING will ever be done about this because DHS and DSUD will NEVER listen to anyone outside their tiny circle. It’s sad and it’s true…..
Samantha Alarcon April 17, 2012 at 08:27 PM
agreed Truth
Carolene Dolan April 18, 2012 at 12:10 AM
It was mentioned in a previous comment, and needs to be repeated, how do we know that administration, and our school board, has not handled this ALLEGATION? For those of us that are public employees, we recognize that this is a PERSONNEL matter, and if our administrators or school board were to disclose information, we would be dealing with a law suit from the teacher's union and any other lawyer wanting to get involved. I commend our administration and school board for handling this ALLEGATION properly so that our school district would NOT go bankrupt from a lawsuit. And again, this is an ALLEGATION, and the people handling this matter, were voted by YOU.
Anonymous April 18, 2012 at 03:52 AM
Gary Short is right on with his comments. If Mr. Crumpacker did in fact talk this way to students it should be put in writing so it can be handled by the DHS administration and the DUSD. It does not matter what kind of coach you were or weren't. This kind of conduct should not EVER be allowed to go on. As a teacher you should always lead by example. If you're truly concerned about the youth in our community then be the kind of person you want them to be.
Stephanie Machado April 18, 2012 at 05:09 PM
Wow. Glad I got my daily dose of dixon crap. Bottom line is our kids feel the pain here. Who cares about he said she said, you all can go back and forth if you want. Maybe you should meet outside of a blog and see if you can discuss like adults. Everyone wants to bash certain famililes, when you should all look at yourself before you trash someone else- everyone has done something that is questionable. When you are a teacher and a coach, then you are in obligation to not do anything questionable while on the job. Crum should be suspended while there is an investigation. And then the truth will prevail. It does not matter how everything came out, it did, and now our students at DHS get to talk about all of this instead of studying for the STAR testing. That is awesome.
Stephanie Machado April 18, 2012 at 05:11 PM
Maybe everyone should meet at Buds and discuss. They do have the best steaks:)
eric April 20, 2012 at 03:55 AM
First off, those that keep saying he said "penis" need to understand that although anatomically the same, using the term, "my dick" makes things different. A teacher or anybody in administration in a public school that uses such bad judgement as to make a sexually innappropriate joke like "my dick is bigger than any of yours" and "they don't even make condoms big enough for my dick" has no place working in a public school. I can tell you this, if my daughter had been in that class when that "joke" was made, it would not have gone well for Mr Crumpacker. How can the school expect to hold their students to a high standard or code of conduct when they have teachers that are such horrible examples. I think some serious pressure needs to be placed on Mr Barsotti and Mr Dolan to make sure appropriate action is taken and that it's not blown off as nothing.
Ian Arnold April 20, 2012 at 05:34 PM
I agree that using a crude term to describe the male genitalia is as bad or worse than using the correct anatomical term. I also agree that IF Mr. Crumpacker made such statements, it's incumbent on the appropriate administrator to fully investigate and recommend the appropriate level of disciplinary action. At this point, all most of us know for sure is that the allegation has been made. Only the students and Mr. Crumpacker know what, if anything happened. The problem is that, unless Mr. Crumpacker waives his rights under the law, nobody outside of the District's administration and Mr. Crumpacker himself has any right to know what action--if any--is being taken. Neither the principal, the superintendent nor the board can tell us anything. If the investigation is underway and Mr. Crumpacker has competent legal counsel, his counsel could potentially make the argument that any discipline proposed or imposed is driven by publicity rather than the facts of the case. At this point, I believe it's up to the principal to investigate the incident. If that's been done, it's up to the superintendent to review the actions of the principal to ensure the investigation was conducted appropriately and it's up to the school board to review the superintendent's report. All are prohibited from letting us know what has happened or is happening.
Katy Edson June 24, 2012 at 05:29 PM
I agree as well. I also appreciated the teachers at DHS that were real with me. Crums tough love made me a better person. If he wasn't involved in all this athletic department BS no one would care. All of these articles lashing out at DUSD makes me so sad. I loved growing up and going to school in Dixon. I got a good education, went on to college, taught in the Peace Corps, have my masters and am teaching Special Education now. I substitute taught in the district for 2 years and it was great. Ps...your kids say MUCH more inappropriate things. I promise. They aren't learning it from their teacher. They are learning it from all the crap they watch on TV.


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