DUSD School Board Candidate Joe DiPaola Receives Endorsements By City Council Members

Council members Thom Bogue and Dane Besneatte, along with Vice Mayor Michael Ceremello have endorsed Joe DiPaola for the DUSD School Board election

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With election day right around the corner, Dixon School Board candidate Joe DiPaola announced that he has been endorsed by the majority of City Council members, including Vice-Mayor Mike Ceremello, Thom Bogue, and Dane Besneatte. In making the announcement, DiPaola said "I'm very grateful for the tremendous support I've received from our community and its leaders."

DiPaola has also been endorsed by the majority of sitting DUSD School Board members, including President and school board candidate John Gabby, Dr. Irina Okhremtchouk, and Gil Pinon.

The endorsements are given in their personal (not official) capacities, but they still represent unprecedented support for one candidate. DiPaola is also endorsed by the Dixon Teachers Association and the classified school employees of SEIU Local 1021.

“As far as I know, this is the first time that any Dixon School Board candidate has received endorsements from the majority of the City Council, the majority of the School Board, the teachers, and the classified employees. After this election, we need to continue to work together for the benefit of the students.” DiPaola said.

Candidate John Gabby also received endorsements from fellow School Board Members Okhremtchouk and Pinon, and from candidate DiPaola. Likewise, the Dixon Teachers Association and SEIU Local 1021 endorsed Gabby.

The Dixon School Board election is between incumbent John Gabby and challengers Joe DiPaola and Guy Garcia. Dixon voters will be electing two of the three candidates to fill two empty seats on the Board.

Councilman Rick Fuller and Mayor Jack Batchelor have not endorsed anyone in the school board race.

The three candidates vying for two seats on the school board are , and basketball coach and businessman

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Aaron November 08, 2011 at 12:16 AM
Trust me folks, the last thing you want is to do is elect the candidates that are endorsed by the other members of that elected body. You are going to want board members that have totally independent views. If all five board members are in lock step, a lot will get done. However, not everything that gets done will be "good". Disagreement among members of an elected body is an important part of American politics.
Ian Arnold November 08, 2011 at 04:05 AM
We have one candidate who thinks there's a "structural deficit." On a personal level, I like all three candidates. That said, I have a fundamental difference of opinion with Mr. Garcia. Like our former Superintendent, Mr. Garcia believes we have a "structural deficit." This is simply not true. Over the last three years, we've based our budget on assumptions that turned out to be incorrect and have amassed a $6.7 million reserve while -- in the words of our new Superintendent -- failing 50% of our kids. Our schools are falling apart because of cuts to the maintenance budget and the bills will soon come due. It's true that we overspent several years ago, when the Board wasn't interested in the budget. But since the economic downturn, we've actually taken in significantly more than we've spent. But at what cost? This ISN'T a business. As Mr. Garcia himself has stated, it's about our kids and their education. On election day, vote for Gabby and DiPaola. Neither has opined that we should spend our whole reserve, but both believe there are cuts that could be restored. Mr. Garcia on the other hand appears to be enamored with Mr. Halberg's budget assumptions. I urge all who have not yet voted to visit 1us1.com and review the audited financial returns. We DON'T have a structural deficit. We're putting money in the bank every day at great cost to our kids' futures. Vote DiPaola and Gabby on election day. Every vote counts!


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