Ag Day Brings Knowledge Outside of the Classroom

Dixon High Agriculture and Industrial Academy students hosted an Ag Day for Tremont Elementary School 4th graders as a way to show them the importance of agriculture and how it ties into Dixon.

The students of Agriculture and Industrial Academy are proving that learning about agriculture can be rewarding and fun at the same time.

Last Friday, the AGI Academy students hosted an Ag Day at Dixon High School for 4th graders.

The 28 students of the AGI Academy brought in livestock, created educational displays for the children and operated fun games all in the name of agriculture.

For both schools, Ag Day was a win-win situation.

Tremonters got the opportunity to get up close and personal with livestock, learn about agriculture and have a bit of fun; Dixon High AGI Academy students had the opportunity to share some of the essential knowledge that they are learning as members of the AGI Academy and get the thrill of seeing young minds open up to new possbilities.

Take a look at what some of the AGI Academy students said about their experience on Ag Day:

Caitlin McNamee: “Ag Day is an important day because the 4th graders get to experience something new and learn about agriculture which is all around us in our community.”

Jaci Williams: “We always try to think of new things to bring each year and are always improving Ag Day. The thing that never changes is the fact that the fourth graders always have fun and that’s the most important thing.”

Nancy Pena: “It’s a day where we get to be the teachers and teach young kids about agriculture and the significance and meaning it has to our community.”

Brooke Long: “I learned that in order to put on a successful Ag Day, we have to work together. Our whole academy has to do something to make the day special. The kids look forward to Ag Day and we look forward to giving them a day they will never forget.”

Robert Resendiz: “I’ve learned that kids know more than you think they do, so don’t underestimate them.”

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