BLOG: Opponents of Measure N Misstate the Facts. Is it Fear? Of What, Really? And Sign Vandalism?

The proponents of MEASURE N did not reinvent the wheel. Other City ordinances are far more complex and bureaucratic than MEASURE N. The claims that MEASURE N will drive away business are FALSE.

The proponents of MEASURE N did not reinvent the wheel.

Throughout California Sunshine Ordinances are very similar and have many clauses in common. Like other open government laws, the Dixon ordinance has been tailored to serve our best local interests.

The Davis proponents of a very similar ordinance are now including key sections from Dixon’s version in a draft presented to their own City Council.  They agree that there is good reason for a clause to prevent city employees, council members, or the agents of either, from lobbying or briefing a majority of council members on pending actions.  They are also including a provision that would require an item to be placed on their City Council’s agenda at the request of 20 or more registered voters.    

Local opponents are making a big fuss about the MEASURE N provision allowing the public “unlimited” time to speak on subjects pertinent to our City’s business. In fact, our present City Council has not limited speaking times; and, that practice has not been abused by the citizens.  The wild claims by opponents that someone could read the telephone book or encyclopedia all night are unfounded. MEASURE N will help to ensure that citizen input is not surpressed.   

  • Other City ordinances are far more complex and bureaucratic than MEASURE N.

MEASURE N is only 9 pages (5 pages in the absentee ballot booklet) with 4,390 words.  It serves all of us by keeping our local government honest.   By contrast, the City’s Nuisance Ordinance is over 40 pages long and about 17,000 words. 

What’s more, the City’s Zoning Ordinance has been in violation of State law for over thirty years due to its noncompliance with Dixon’s General Plan.  Former City Managers and bureaucrats allowed those violations to stay on the books.  Our oldest neighborhoods suffered the consequences.  With MEASURE N in place, citizens could put items on the agenda and problems would not be ignored for years.

  • The claims that MEASURE N will drive away business are FALSE.

Just look to all of the other communities that have Sunshine Ordinances and you’ll see that open government has nothing to do with whether business thrives.  And ask yourself whether an ordinance, not yet on the books, is somehow responsible for a downtown that has been languishing for thirty years and for the infrastructure problems in other areas such as the Northeast Quadrant.

  • MEASURE N, the SUNSHINE ORDINANCE, is endorsed by local citizens who have FOUGHT Government Waste for years.

The proponents have been the driving force behind other campaigns that, with your support, have saved thousands of local taxpayer $$$’s.

Opposition to MEASURE N is based on a misleading report prepared by the City Attorney and a consultant that padded their pockets with over $20,000 of our tax money.

  • Dixon has Been Under a Dark Cloud for Far Too Long!!
  • The Campaign against MEASURE N is local politics at its worst.
  • The attacks on the provisions of the “Sunshine Ordinance” are BASELESS and FALSE!
  • The attacks on individuals and on the proponents’ signs are disrespectful and mean-spirited.  It seems the same people who say that Dixon government is "already open enough" don't even want you to see the proponents campaign signs.

Vote for our right to be informed:  YES ON “MEASURE N”

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Mike Smith October 09, 2012 at 04:55 PM
As stated in Morning View's letter: "We have discussed our concerns with the authors of Measure N but even though they did not intend the measure to discourage businesses from coming to Dixon, they have been unable to respond satisfactorily to our concerns about the specific language. Accordingly, we are asking that they urge a NO vote on the measure, and do so publicly at the Oct. 15 community forum, with the commitment that we would be available, if they want our help, to assist in redrafting it for a future ballot in a way that would avoid these unintended consequences." The matter is in the hands of Measure N's author. Morning View hopes Measure N's author will support a “No on N” at the Oct. 15th forum with Morning View’s commitment to work together on a revised the Measure. Any help in motivating such an outcome would be much appreciated and would allow the project to move forward. Mike Smith
Ian Arnold October 10, 2012 at 07:34 AM
I've also extended the same invitation--both privately and publicly--to what's left of the proponents of Measure N. I absolutely believe that the original intent was simply for greater transparency in local government. I think the majority of us would support that. Unfortunately, Measure N as written is filled with unintended consequences. Even Ms. Riddle and Councilmember Ceremello have admitted that the language of the ballot measure goes beyond their intent. It comes as no surprise to me that Councilmember Bogue--who signed the ballot statement as a proponent of Measure N--now opposes it. Like candidate Ted Hickman, Councilmember Bogue read the full text only after he had committed to support the measure. I salute him for publicly admitting he was wrong. We all make mistakes, I only hope the remaining proponents of the current ballot measure are willing to admit to theirs.
Dave Johnson October 11, 2012 at 06:31 PM
I guess Rodney Farmer wasn't around when Mike Ceremello would address every meeting of the City Council, Parks and Recreation and Planning Commission, and go on and on and read newspaper articles. Then when the City Council passed a resolution to limit speaker time, he sued the City, the Council Members, and some of City Staff individually, in Federal Court claiming that his Civil Rights were being violated. The suit last over five years and cost the City well over $100,000, then he dropped the suit for who knows what reason. That is why there is a five minute limit for speakers, which the Mayor doesn't enforce unless a person starts repeating himself.
Younger Curmudgeon October 20, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Hey Dave, Rod and Mike are same person, different personalities. I just read Mike's campaign website. Pretty sure Rod got the college degrees because Mike certainly did not. Maybe Rod does not remember Mike at the mike ... that was interminable Mike? Rod may feel his time in the spotlight was being hogged? I am not terribly well versed in these complicated matters. I did watch United States of Tara on showtime. Mike has four personalities that I am aware of. Maybe he could start a show of his own after the election?
Mary Ann Courville October 20, 2012 at 07:02 AM
There is ONE big difference between Measure N and the City and County of San Francisco's Open Governance Ordinance. This difference is: San Francisco's Sunshine Ordinance allows for EXEMPTIONS for Businesses. Those Exemptions are for •Personnel records ..•Medical records..•Home telephone numbers ..•Social Security numbers.....TRADE Secrets.. •Documents that are subject to the attorney client privilege •Documents protected from disclosure by the State Constitutional Right to Privacy •Certain law enforcement records •Records protected from disclosure by state and federal laws Dixon's "greater transparency" statement 12.01.02..does NOT ALLOW these exemptions.....and ALL must be revealed. Measure N will KILL business opportunities in Dixon.


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