The 35 Sound Off to Dixon School Board

The public comment section of last night's school board meeting was flush with the events of the DHS Junior Prom fiasco

The 35 represented during last night's school board meeting. They took to the podium and described the failure of Dixon High School administration in upholding the prom contract that required them to breathalyze students and notify their parents if they were suspected of being under the influence of alcohol.

The administration has agreed that it broke the contract and that none of the students were under the influence of alcohol. The investigation into whom left the bottle of mineral water that contained a minimal amount of suspected alcohol on the bus that The 35 chartered is over, Interim Superintendent Brian Dolan said.

Nonetheless, The 35 have vowed to not let this epic failure go so easily. They have demanded that the very least, a task force be created so that this type of incident does not happen in the future at DHS.

The school board was open to the task force idea and ordered its staff to begin the formation of it. The school board also instructed its staff to compile a timeline and summary of the events of promgate.

The 35 have stated that they have yet to determine how the school can make it up to them. Principal John Barsotti has issued a public apology about the way that the situation was handled.

How do you think that the school should make it up to the students?

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Thom Bogue May 20, 2012 at 04:42 PM
I believe the school should duplicate the event covering all of the cost, as the students and parents previously paid for. At the very least reimburse the students and parents for all expense including outfits purchased.


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