Should the City be Allowed to Tell Dixon Residents to Mow Their Lawns?

Should the city be allowed to tell Dixon residents to keep their properties free of weeds, other rubbish?

On Tuesday, the Dixon City Council will discuss weed abatement and what to do with parcels throughout the city that pose a fire risk.

The council will be asked to act upon a resolution that would make it mandatory for parcel owners to clean up weeds or other debris from their land to minimize the risk of fire danger.

Should the council vote in favor of the resolution, city staff would then send out notices to the parcel owners' informing them that they must clean up the weeds or debris, but not before a public hearing can take place in which Dixonites would have the chance to raise objections. 

Today, we pose the questions to the readers of Dixon Patch. What are your thoughts about the city's weed abatement program?

Shirley Fanning Humphrey April 09, 2012 at 08:45 PM
It a property truly presents a fire hazard then some action might be taken, but since enforcement is complaint driven, the likelihood of uneven treatment is substantial. It should not be mandatory that lawns be mowed. As water gets scarcer and scarcer, residents may want to convert from grass to native plants which are drought tolerant.
lupe cameron April 10, 2012 at 03:36 PM
I totally agree, that yes I think that folks that don't keep up there yards , for either Weed or Debris need to be checked.... or cited ... and yes maybe a desert scene is what would work cutting down on water expenses .. Who wants to see Dixon turn into a of Trashy and Overgrown town ... If something isn't done now... it will only get worse ! NOT Me.. I might be poor but certainly appreciate my little town that I've been living here since 1954 on and off ...
Jim Ernest April 10, 2012 at 10:45 PM
I agree that the City should make people maintain their properties, but this is strange. I own a commercial lot here in town and keep it disked down. Still, every spring I receive a letter from the City telling me that if my lot isn't kept clean, the City will do it and bill me. So, it is already a code, right?


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