Morning View Writes Dixon a Letter: 'Our Company Would Like to be a New Resident in Your Community'

The open letter says you can count on the project bringing 1,000+ high-income jobs in the first 6-12 months of operation.

Morning View LLC, the comapny looking to buy land in Dixon for the development of a massive movie studio, wrote the following open letter Tuesday touting in influx of jobs, tax revenue and and plenty more for the city of Dixon. 

Read it in full below, and share your thoughts in the comments. Please also consider writing a blog in reponse to the letter. (Posting is very simple).

Here's the full letter:

Our company would like to be a new resident in your community. We are excited about the idea of being here and are in discussion to purchase approximately 800 acres in Dixon and making it the home for our company. We make motion pictures and television programs with leaders in that industry. We have a policy to be open with the community so you know more about your potential neighbor. Here is a brief profile about us and what you can count on us to bring to Dixon:

• 1000+ high income jobs in the first 6-12 months of operations.
• 2000+ indirect jobs among businesses in the Dixon community that can serve our movie studio with needed services and supplies.
• Low cost electricity from our green studio’s solar farm that we will sell to the City of Dixon under a “Long Term Agreement,” to create a significant savings for waste water treatment and water pumping wells that currently are a large percentage of the City’s total budget.
• Training and intern programs for local residents in skills such as audio/visual, graphic art, computer animation and other technologies needed to secure full and part-time jobs in our studio, as well as the industry in general.
• Positive impact on the traffic count compared to the 1,400 homes and its related inhabitants originally proposed for the property where we propose to build.
• Immediate positive impact on local property tax revenues.
• Positive potential impact on Dixon property values in general.
• Compliance with Dixon’s “General Plan” that requires that all new developments pay their own way.
• Diversifying the tax base and creating a positive financial impact on local services.
• Lower the density of development for the acres to be occupied than the earlier proposed residential use.
• Be an environmentally, socially and financially responsible neighbor.
• Be a ‘good neighbor’ by inviting citizens of Dixon once the purchase of the property has been finalized to participate in a series of public forums where we will ask for input for improving our plans to best fit the community. We want to be here a long time and want our neighbors overall to be comfortable that we are.

What we will NOT do to the City of Dixon:

• We will not ask the City to pay for any of the costs related to this project, including but not limited to redevelopment, rezoning, and/or infrastructure improvement. We will pay our own way.

Morning View Studios, LLC, hopes this information is useful to you, the people of Dixon. The entire Morning View leadership team looks forward to the opportunity to be in Dixon and having a long and successful future in your community. In the coming weeks we will have a public meeting open to all to share with you our progress.

Carissa Carpenter and the leadership team of Morning View, LLC

If you'd like to write a blog in reponse to the letter, click here. If not, comment below. Bil Paul already weighed in on the situation, asking some pretty tough questions . 

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Gary Erwin September 23, 2012 at 12:58 AM
Jack, They want to be off of the radar this is also why Measure N is not good for them.
Bil Paul September 23, 2012 at 04:13 AM
I'm surprised no one has mentioned it, since the information is so freely available on the Web, but there's a small Morning View Films company in San Francisco (run by David Lewis) making gay-oriented films. You would think that Carissa Carpenter would've chosen a different name for her company in light of this. "Morning View" is an uncommon name.
Gary Erwin September 24, 2012 at 02:18 PM
I did not mention the other Morning View because I've read enough to know that it has nothing to do with our project. Okay so you are dong some searching...good but you still don't have the meat. As I have mentioned I've checked the names of the people behind this and it is a solid group.
Ian Arnold September 25, 2012 at 03:44 AM
I actually have a proposal. First the background: I appreciate what Ms. Riddle was attempting to do with her Sunshine Ordinance. I had some issues with it, so I waited patiently during interminable special meetings to have my voice heard. After hours of arguing over the definition of "City of Dixon," I feel Ms. Riddle's frustration is perhaps justified. Had I been a city council member, I'd have suggested staff draft a proposal, maintaining the intent of Ms. Riddle's proposal, and presented it for public review and comment. That didn't happen. Instead, the proposed ordinance was bogged down and essentially died. At that point, it was rewritten and presented to the voters. I absolutely can't support Measure N. I believe it will render Dixon ungovernable. Is it possible for a few of us (Ms. Riddle, one or two current electeds, staff, activists) to sit down together and draft a measure that is acceptable? If so, can we then all come together and recommend a "NO" vote on Measure N, with the caveat that the City will adopt the compromise? With all of the issues facing Dixon today, Measure N shouldn't be the hot-button issue it's become. If the Measure N proponents are willing to work together, so am I. www.ianfordixon.com
Jack September 25, 2012 at 04:28 AM
I especially like the part of Measure N that says there should be no time limit if any citizen wants to talk and talk and talk at a city council meeting. It will be a real challenge for any real city work to be discussed by the council members before midnight.


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