Measure N Wording Discrepancy: Revised Ballots to be Sent Out

Did you already fill out a vote-by-mail ballot?

Stephen Pierce
Solano County Public Communications Officer

About 4,600 voters in Dixon will receive a revised vote-by-mail ballot due to a discrepancy in the wording provided on Measure N.

The vote-by-mail ballot that arrived earlier this week should be discarded.  If a voter has already cast their vote-by-mail ballot, they should complete the new ballot and send it to the Registrar of Voters office. 

“This new and corrected ballot has been flagged by our system to ensure only one ballot per vote-by-mail voter is counted,” said Deputy Registrar of Voters John Gardner.

If a voter inadvertently sends the vote-by-mail ballot with the old wording, the ballot will still be counted after the system determines only one vote-by-mail ballot has been returned.

Dixon residents registered to vote-by-mail who have not received their revised ballot by Friday, Oct. 19 should contact the Registrar of Voters Office at (707) 784-6675 or by email at elections@solanocounty.com.

The revised Measure N language on the ballot states “Shall the ordinance relating to Additional City Government Meeting and Records Regulations be Adopted?”  The previous language on the ballot started this sentence with “Will an ordinance …”. 

The revised language aligns the provided wording on the ballot with the requirements in the election code to use the term “shall” in reference to the adoption of ordinances.

“We apologize for any inconvenience and confusion this correction to the ballot may cause,” Gardner said.

Vote-by-mail voters with questions regarding this ballot correction should call the Registrar of Voters office at 784-6675.

The Registrar reminds all Solano County voters that they should have received all of their other election materials for the Nov. 6 election, including the sample ballot statement and the Voter Information Guide from the Secretary of State’s office.  If not, voters should contact the Registrar of Voters office at (707) 784-6675 or by email at elections@solanocounty.com.

All election materials are available at www.solanocounty.com/elections.

Mary Ann Courville October 12, 2012 at 06:10 PM
TAXPAYERS -OPEN YOUR WALLETS !! Here is JUST ONE of many expenses you will paid for--the printing and mailing a "second" Vote By Mail ballot because of a ONE WORD change. One word, from Will to Shall.... Yet the Registers office will count either one, but not both ballots. Best way to protect your money.....vote NO on Measure N. Measure N is filled with ambiguous, uncertainty, and flaws that will lead to you paying for lawyers on both sides of the legal table. Vote NO on Measure N.
Shirley Fanning Humphrey October 13, 2012 at 03:31 PM
The Registrar of Voters made a mistake and is correcting it. Mistake are made when people are working but to blame Measure N for the mistake made in the registrar's office is ridiculous. It is akin to blaming Measure N for the recent earthquake in Green Valley. Measure N has many strong points as evidenced by the fact that currently, another city council is considering the possible adoption of a Sunshine Ordinance. The proponents of that ordinance state, “Many of the provisions have been taken and often modified from the proposals in the Dixon ballot initiative. There have been some modifications and there are some additions to that ballot initiative,” While throughout California no two Sunshine Ordinances are EXACTLY alike, they do have many clauses in common. Like the Dixon ordinance, other Sunshine Ordinances, has been tailored to fit and serve our best interests.
Gary Erwin October 14, 2012 at 02:54 AM
Citizens of Dixon, Measure N and the proposed Morning View Movie Studios cannot coexist. Morning View has halted their progress and is waiting for the election results. If Measure N is approved by the voters Morning View will leave town. If Measure N is defeated the Studios will continue on its path to building and opening their studios. The studios will bring thousands of jobs into our community. Millions of dollars in wages will be earned by our friends, family and fellow citizens for generations. Movies are an export product that will bring potentially billions of dollars back into the United States, State, County and our town. Our last chance at an opportunity this size was more than one hundred years ago when the State of California choose Davis over Dixon for the UC. The choice is ours, Vote Measure N down and the studios will proceed, let Measure N prevail and we will lose our chance for greatness. For those that are considering voting yes on N, the studio has said several times that they will help the City draft a Measure for the next election cycle that will allow them to do business in our town. Talk to your neighbors, friends and family and encourage them to Vote NO on Measure N.
Greg Coppes October 14, 2012 at 03:16 AM
I'm against N, but if I hear one more person say we should vote against it because Mourning View doesn't want it. I may just oppose Mourning View. On the grounds they seem to have to much influence on Dixon. If you want me to oppose River City politics keep harping on whats good for Mourning View is good for Dixon.
Gary Erwin October 14, 2012 at 03:35 AM
Greg, It's not only Morning View that would oppose it. Any business that is technology based and has competition would have problems with it. The fact is Morning View is the player at batt and they are telling us not to make the mistake. Be thankful that we have a chance to make the correction and save our chance at getting this business home ported in our town.
Gary Erwin October 14, 2012 at 03:43 AM
Greg, I felt the same about your promotions.... We both have things that we are passionate about. It happens, this time the buzz is about the studio maybe next month the spotlight will be back on you and the bingo games. ; )
Greg Coppes October 14, 2012 at 04:07 AM
I assure you I'm in the loop. Your constant use of Mourning Views opposition as a reason to vote against measure N is not helping, them or defeating the measure. You forget most here work elsewhere. They don't really have an interest in you getting your dream job.
C. Duncan October 14, 2012 at 07:39 AM
Mr. Coppes, Very short sighted of these *others*? I would assume if they could, like Gary, some of them certainly, perhaps more, might prefer the opportunity for a well paying union job here at home? So, Gary's plight might align seemingly as somewhat selfish but is not that at all! There will be several dream jobs and the sooner people get a clue about that the better. Gary has opened the door and shown the light, No need to put him down for that service. If you decide to oppose it, go ahead, but may I suggest you leave Mt. Erwin alone? He is an advocate for many and we don't much care to see him bullied for no reason. Thank you. I have an interest in him getting his dream job and I am just the tip of the iceberg. Cindy Duncan
Greg Coppes October 14, 2012 at 05:30 PM
Ok then if thats the way you want it. I'm a very strong believer in the democratic process. Perhaps a ballot measure would be in order. Let those who want to live a sleepy small town and those who want Dixon to become a mecca for Hollywood vote. I maybe wrong people may not care that they seem to have undo influence on how Dixon is ran.
Mary Ann Courville October 14, 2012 at 07:02 PM
If you visit www.DixonPAC.com you will see how Measure N will Impact businesses now and in the future for Dixon. Thankfully, Morning View pointed out the "Fatal Flaw" in Measure N that will greatly limit ANY business wanting to come to Dixon. Due to the poorly written Measure, inconsistencies are created between State, Federal and local laws regarding the "openness" of business records, trade secrets, business plans, financial records, and security to name a few. As per Dixon City Attorney, Mike Dean, all records that could be withheld must now be disclosed due to the “greater transparency” as written in Measure N. Morning View will have to go through the process like any other business wanting to make Dixon their home.....but they are not willing to EXPOSE themselves for the mere curiosity of a few under the guise of "Sunshine".
Steve Steiert October 14, 2012 at 11:22 PM
Open Challenge to Proponents of Measure N. Proponents of Measure N want to radically change the way the City conducts its business. I assume Proponents feel there are pressing problems that require this initiative. Proponents, would you please fill-in this sentence: (and be as specific as possible; no vague statements like “we want an open government that respects the rights of the citizens.”) Dixon faces a problem of _______________________ that section __________ of Measure N will solve by ______________________________. I’ll provide an example: ( I apologize for the straw man ) Dixon faces the chronic problem of council members receiving text messages from evil developers during council meetings that section 12.01.09 of Measure N will solve by requiring a video screen to be placed behind each council member so the public will know what money grubbing developer is trying to sway the vote on whether to build a sweatshop in beautiful Dixon.
Gary Erwin October 15, 2012 at 02:10 AM
Mr. Coppes, I work through the IATSE Local 16 Union. Our Union is responsible for staffing Stagehands on Live shows in the San Francisco Bay Area; as well they place the Studio Workers and film workers from Monterey to the Oregon Border. It is no secret that I would like to work in Dixon. I’ve worked outside of town my entire adult life, I’d love to work close to home and have more time in town and on the farm. I’m also excited that many of my friends and family will be given a chance to work closer to home and be enriched by the development of the Studio. What is wrong with that? More money in the city, state and national coffers…nothing wrong there. I bet many a Veteran will somehow end up better off because of the studio build either working at the studios or in businesses supported by it’s economy. Your thoughts are myopic, more akin to an eight year olds temper tantrum than an adult. Tired of reading my comments, deal with it. I had to put up with all of your Grand Jury issues…. Goodday! : )
Greg Coppes October 15, 2012 at 02:35 AM
I didn't cause the issues I just fixed them. Thats what a responsible person does. They don't resort to personal attacks when challenged..


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