Multi-Million Dollar Train Station in Dixon: Where do the Mayoral Candidates Stand?

What are the Candidates' Positions on a Multi-Million Dollar Train Station in Dixon?

We've been sharing individual questions from a candidate forum held in early October that featured the three Mayoral candidates: incumbent Jack Batchelor and challengers Steve Alexander and Michael Ceremello.

The forum was hosted by the Governmental Affairs Committee of the Dixon Chamber of Commerce. Here is one of the questions: 

What are the Candidates' Positions on a Multi-Million Dollar Train Station in Dixon?

Alexander says he doesn't foresee a train stop in Dixon in his lifetime.

Ceremello explains that he supports serving a majority portion of the community, and that consultants estimate only approximately 100 citizens would use a train stop by 2015, and currently only five to ten would use them. He says he supports something more efficient and fiscally responsible to put in a commuter line or shuttle to run between our city and Davis, not $6 million on the B Street under crossing, $25 million A Street under crossing and $40million on the North 1st Street Crossing.

Batchelor says he is not opposed to a train stop, but priorities must be made. "What do we need to do to make Dixon safer? There are priorities in what we need to do. First, we need to have a safe pedestrian grade separation, then we need to move to the Parkway Blvd separation to then provide safety for emergency response people to get from one side of Dixon to the other side and it will also take some traffic out of the downtown. My priority is to spend money for bicycle and pedestrian safety, grade separation, and an over crossing at Parkway Blvd that connects Pitt School to 113, so to spend that money is better used than potentially having a train stop."

Gary Erwin October 29, 2012 at 08:53 PM
I cannot support the grade separations in town. It will cause many undesired effects including tagging, a place to get into trouble, hide out and perpetrate crimes out of sight. I would support an over pass at Pitt School. A van commuter link between Davis and Dixon makes total sense. People would be able to connect with the train as well people unable to drive or students could get a ride to Davis. As to the Train Station, let’s get over it and move on. Safety and the train tracks….we should educate the children of the town about its hazards as we all were back in the day by the Station Master. Fence the areas open to the tracks and provide proper RR signage at the crossings. As a person that grew up here and has crossed the tracks thousands of time safely… we don’t need to reinvent what already works. More Dixon residents have died in car accidents since the last RR death than what have ever died on the tracks….seems like a knee jerk reaction that we need to get over.
Aaron October 29, 2012 at 10:36 PM
It's idiotic to think a RR underpass is needed for pedestrians, even if we say it's for the "children's safety". It would be far cheaper to hire 24 hour guards to stand at the crossing site (just like a street crossing guard at a grade school) and remind every person to "be careful". Gary is right. There is no realistic "need". As for a train stop... No. (Even if it would be funded with federal or state transportation $$. After all, that still my money.) It would be cheaper to just pay for cab rides to Davis for any potential rider. (Another thing... Before we, as a city, would be able to fully pay off any loans for the work needed for a train station, we would need a landing zone for all of our flying cars!) An overcrossing connecting Pitt School and Parkway Blvd is what we need... and we need it right now.
Bil Paul October 30, 2012 at 06:37 PM
And in the meantime, we have a picturesque little train station. I always remember back in Dixon's history when there was an electric railroad that connected Sacramento with Oakland or thereabouts (a ferry carried the trains across the Sacramento River, and the tracks ran around 8 miles south of Dixon). This was in the era when trains were in their golden era and every town wanted to have a train stop (the "regular" trains -- probably California Pacific then -- already stopped in Dixon). Someone convinced the electric railroad people to extend a spur north to Dixon. When built, the electric railroad station was near where the post office is now. There was a big celebration to inaugurate the service. A band played, speeches were spoken, and food served. At first, there were many passengers as townspeople wanted to try out the train, but their numbers dwindled quickly, and the service was ended within a year. The Western Railroad Museum down along Hwy. 12 preserves the memories of electric railroad service, and still runs trains along a few miles of the old track. The moral of this story is ....
Thom Bogue October 31, 2012 at 04:12 PM
A cute little train station, a cute little train loading platform, sounds good and if we had more money than what we knew what to do with, I could support this. However we don't and we won't for a long time and so I don't! Since we adding a $1,000,000.00 in matching funds from our Side walk Fund and Parkview overpass. I don't know, but I just think we might want to apply this money for where it was intended, doing some maintanence on our infrastructure! If the concern is for safety then do as I recommended from the Dias, finish the fence along the railroad tracks, then install crossing gates to stop pedestrians much as they do cars. Much cheaper, faster to install and problem solved!


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