Letter to the Editor: A Message for Mike Ceremello & Some Thoughts About Measure N

"I am sure that I will, once again, be called a “cockroach” or maybe even something worse by Mike Ceremello as he continues to use his Musing’s column to denigrate me, Dixon Rotary, the City, and the good citizens of Dixon."

The following letter to the editor comes from Dixon resident Janice Beaman. 

Below is an unedited version of the article sent to the Independent Voice.

I’ve requested this be printed as submitted and to not edit it as the Independent Voice did.  This is in response to Mike Ceremello’s column in the Independent Voice on July 27, 2012. 

He has referenced numerous times in his Musings column that the Dixon Rotary Club is “a shadow government”.  As the Immediate Past President of Dixon Rotary, I would like to set the record straight that the Dixon Rotary Club is NOT, HAS NEVER BEEN, OR WILL EVER BE A POLITICAL ORGANIZATION.  It is in our international bylaws that we are not a political organization.  Yes, we have elected and appointed officials who are members, but we DO NOT talk about politics at our meetings.  Dixon Rotary is a Service Club that has fundraisers throughout the year to give back to the community.  Dixon Rotary has given back to the community over $200,000 in High School scholarships, to Dixon schools, 4th of July Fireworks displays, and much more in just the last five years.

Now switching hats as the Retired Dixon City Clerk, I am one that is opposing Measure N, the so-called “Open Governance Act” or Sunshine Ordinance.  After reading this proposed measure, I could not just sit back and let our community believe that the City of Dixon is keeping its citizens “in the dark”.  It is ALREADY open, honest, transparent, and responsive and is committed to following the Brown Act. 

Measure N wastes Taxpayers money by creating more bureaucracy by forming a new commission and takes money away from police and fire services and City maintenance.  If you haven’t noticed, our parks are looking pretty brown lately.  Measure N does nothing to make Dixon a better community.  As for those who signed the Ballot Argument against Measure N (Courtney Kett, Dan Ayala, Marime Burton, Mike Hagerman, and Dane Besneatte), they are all RESPECTED AND UPSTANDING members of this community who don’t deserve to be smeared in a newspaper.  Please VOTE NO on MEASURE N.  To help with the NO on Measure N campaign, send an email to:  no.on.measure.n@gmail.com.

I am sure that I will, once again, be called a “cockroach” or maybe even something worse by Mike Ceremello as he continues to use his Musing’s column to denigrate me, Dixon Rotary, the City, and the good citizens of Dixon.

Janice Beaman

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Kerry Jacobs August 23, 2012 at 12:15 PM
Besneatte proves my point. He does not like to be told by the people he supposed to represent what to do. He is smarter than us. Belittling his constituents is what he does best. We all know what he has done for Dixon and it's citizens!!! We have been served! Mr. Jacobs sees a good law in YES ON MEASURE N and yes I did read it! Proudly I will join the droves of Dixonites who have read and have signed the Initiative and who will be voting YES on Measure N in November. If there had not been back room smoking mirror deals made in the Dixon council chambers already we wouldn't be talking about Measure N now would we?
The Great Libertarian August 30, 2012 at 08:45 PM
Sorry, folks, but once again the mis- and dis-information is being spread like manure on the old Dixon farm. First off, Janice Beaman's perception of reality must be questioned as she and the majority of opponents of this measure are status quo supporters. It was Beaman's and Warren Salmons' lack of leadership and openness including contrived excuses and outright interference that are the impetus behind the development of this Ordinance mainly "borrowed" from other jurisdictions who already have this workable legislation in place. Do you wonder what it is that Dane Besneatte doesn't want you to know? Or any of them for that matter? Exposing what goes on in closed session would not simply show strategies, it would show the pettiness of some of your leaders and belligerance of others, including Dane, in attempting to do their best for the citizens as well as staff. The bickering comment by Mr. Ernest demonstrates his delusion that governance can be conducted without heated debate. Bickering is also a two way street and, much like the tango, it takes at least two. Would you have the council simply rubberstamp legislation without discussion? I find Mr. Besneatte's comments once again to be disingenuous at best and a refusal to provide an alternative at worst. He, as well as the mayor and Rick Fuller, had months to offer an alternative. He complains that unelected people can direct the council. I suppose he doesn't like the Grand Jury either?
The Great Libertarian August 30, 2012 at 11:39 PM
I also find the need to address the comments of the Dixon Rotary Club members who are not part of the clique known as the "shadow government". For those of you not familiar with the latter, I only need to suggest to you that you need to review the video of the last city council meeting. While not all of them spoke, they were out in force that night attempting to denigrate an ordinance which will force government to conduct business on a much higher level. I find it extremely laughable that anyone involved with the Rotary can sit or stand there with a straight face and deny what goes on within their organization. Individuals know the rules of the Rotary but do not necessarily practice them. It is a fraternal organization, and, as such, is also a social encounter where people talk about many subjects including politics. I have many sources and they are not going to expose themselves for your pleasure but have given me quotes attributable to those at Rotary functions. Perhaps Ms. Pruitt is clueless or out of the loop. Others, as I have said, are not part of the clique. However, when those opposing an ordinance including the soon to be retired Steve Bird are all members of the same organization, an organization composed of many ex-officers of the city, it demonstrates at the very least that these people have not come to their conclusions of opposition independently. It seems that the loss of power is sticking in the craws of some. Call them death throes ...
The Great Libertarian August 30, 2012 at 11:49 PM
Your opinion is incorrect, Dane. Politics are discussed and efforts are made to influence elected officials as to their associations. Politics is a broad subject. No one is questioning the Rotary's contribution to the "betterment of our city". I am questioning their destructive influence in attempting to retain and now recapture their political power which is waning. I also find it extremely distasteful that members, or their wives, would attempt to destroy private businesses on the basis of their associations of political support. Given the comments attributed to Herb Cross when the old Fire House burned, despicable is too complimentary a term for use here. Your "club" may be able to "bribe" people into positive feelings, but personal interaction exposes the big LIE. I would rather belong to the Lions but unfortunately do not have the time. Big fish in a little pond being put on a diet ... that describes the Rotary to a tee ...
Kerry Jacobs August 31, 2012 at 03:51 AM
Right on ! Right on ! Right on ! Hey Please drop off a yard sign at my house.


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