Is Hollywood Coming to Dixon?

A major motion picture film production company, teamed with real estate developer Carissa Carpenter, want to buy 480-acres at Pitt School and A Street from 13 parcel owners to build a state of the art filming studio.

Is Hollywood coming to Dixon?

As of now, the first step in that direction lies in the hands of seven to 13 land owners in town. At a meeting Thursday afternoon, land owners met with representatives from real estate developer Carissa Carpenter to discuss questions in an open forum style meeting.

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Carissa Carpenter has proposed a 480-acre Hollywood style movie studio, built to house a large, undisclosed major motion picture production company, in the land between Batavia Road and Pitt School Road, south of A Street. They need a minimum of 300 acres to seal the deal, which mean at least seven owners would have to agree to sell.

With mixed emotions from parcel owners, a major question was funding. “We just want to know the funding is coming from a reliable source, and that we are dealing with a credible buyer,” said landowner Jim Hawthow. “We want something in writing that shows if we all agree to sell you have the financial backing to buy.”

Carpenter assured him: “We have the investor funding. We want to make a fair and balanced deal for everyone and don’t want people to feel like we are stealing their land.”

Carpenter is not new to these negotiations. She said the company has “been trying to secure land for this property for more than 10 years."

"Our investors have been very patient with us in this time,” she added. The City of Vallejo (Mare Island), Sutter County, and Patterson are just a few areas where the project has already been proposed.

Not all landowners had reservations about selling. Owner Bill Schroader said, “I’m all for it. It’s a good offer for us and for Dixon. If they build residential on it, there will be developer fees to the city, but that’s it, this is light industrial and it will support itself.”

“Let's not cripple over this," said Bill Clark, who owns a 20-acre parcel. "We could wait for more than 10 years for our property values to go up and get more money, or we can take this good offer now and live well for the next 10 years. We lost UC Davis and Dixon Downs. This time we need to step up as a whole Dixon and take the offer.”

Mayor Jack Batchelor explained about moving forward: “Once all of the property has been finalized the City will work hard to bring forth this project to work. There will be public forums, council meetings, impact committees and lots of opportunity for the public to learn about the project.”

He also states he is “cautiously optimistic” when asked if he feels this project will be met with the same public resistance that held the Dixon Downs racetrack back.

Will there be bright lights, film crews and Hollywood A-listers in Dixon’s future? Is it too good to be true?

Right now we can only wait and see if these property owners are ready to sell.

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Maxine Dixon March 17, 2013 at 01:10 AM
Given half a chance the council will screw this up also. They have lost many of the other expansion opportunities with too many demands that were really non sequitors. I presume the dairy went thru because it was keeping the "rural" aspects...ah yes, the flies, the stench....looks like the council and the dairy is in the same business...producing a lot of manure
Gary Erwin March 17, 2013 at 01:27 AM
The Dairy is outside of the City and would be under the County, right? We will all have to work together to get this through the approval process. The Studio will help us out in the future, no need to hold them hostage now. They will be paying taxes and when they profit we will profit with them.
Kyle Bearry May 14, 2013 at 02:08 AM
Hello Dixon community, I am really looking forward to this possible studio coming in. One hope I personally have is that this perspective studio may bring other business opportunities as well to those who have the endever.
Ian August 05, 2013 at 08:08 PM
California attorney Mark Redmond is investigating obtaining restitution for victims of Carissa Carpenter and Lathrop Green City Development, LLC. If you are either a witness or past victim who has information concerning Lathrop Green City Development , LLC dealings in California, we would appreciate your cooperation by contacting us at mr@markredmondlaw.com or (916) 444-8240. Please know that all calls are confidential and any information provided is sincerely appreciated.
The Great Libertarian August 05, 2013 at 08:23 PM
nice, Ian ...


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