Impact Of $15.7 Billion In New State Deficit Numbers?

Local leaders say they need time to digest the May budget revision numbers from Sacramento.

What does a $15.7 billion state defecit mean for Solano County? Local leaders says they haven't had enough time to determine what will happen specifically, according to The Reporter.

On the state level, the San Francisco Chronicle reports Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing a 4-day work week for state workers. He is also figuring in to his budget projections that voters will approve his sales and income tax increases in November.

The governor said the deficit would produce real austerity in the state. At a press conference (video attached), the governor said if voters do not approve the tax hikes, schools and universities would suffer more than they have already.

The governor said his proposal to hike income taxes on those Californians in the top three percent of incomes was "fair" because that's where incomes have been rising for a variety of factors.

What do you think? Can California get out of its hole using the governor's plan? Will you vote in favor of taxes to help fund schools and universities throughout the state? Where would you make the cuts if it was up to you?

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Kerry Jacobs May 19, 2012 at 05:13 AM
Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that Jerry Brown hasnt said ONE thing about creating policy for ONE privet sector job in the state of Ca and instead insests on Raising Taxes. What are we getting for our tax dollars being spent right now ? Thats right (higher un-employment) This poor state is taking a beatdown from the radical Vietnam era protesting radical hippy left. Thats who's running this state !


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