City: 'No Leaves in the Gutters' to Avoid Flooding and Build-Ups

Fall and rain make for messy storm drain catches throughout Dixon.

With a half-inch of rain in the last 12 hours, Dixon Public Works is busy trying to keep storm drain catches free of leaf build-ups throughout town.

Trees have just begun loosing their leaves for the fall, mixed with more rain forecasted for the near future. Public works is asking citizens to help out.

"The most important thing we can stress is no leaves in the gutter," says Pernell Coulter, Dixon Streets Supervisor, "too often we see people blowing or raking their leaves into the streets for the street sweeper to pick up, and that's not what it's for."

Leaves in the storm drains are the largest contributor to street floodings, in town, citizens can help by cleaning up their yards as the leaves fall.

Coulter stresses, "Recology, [Dixon Sanitary Service], supplies all homes with a green waste can for yard waste."

Recocolgy offers many options if you have more prunings than your can will allow.

  • Extra tree and shrub prunings may be placed in 32 gallon cans with lids and handles or bundled no larger than 2'x3', using twine (no wire), then placed next to the green cart on your collection day.
  • Plastic bags must not be placed inside your green cart.
  • Tree and shrub prunings must be cut small enough to fit inside the cart with the lid completely closed.  

You can find all garbage regulations on the service website at www.RecologyDixon.com, and find public works announcements at the City of Dixon Public Works Department site.

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