Police: Fairfield Man Kicked Davis Cop Several Times After Bar Fight

Shawn Scharr and Brian Woodson of Fairfield were both arrested after a fight at KetMoRee.

A bar fight in Davis Friday morning led to an officer being assaulted and two Fairfield residents being arrested.  

Police were called to 3rd and G Streets in downtown Davis early Friday morning after the fight broke out at KetMoRee. When they got there, they saw several bar employees trying to restrain two men. Officers intervened and tried to detain Shawn Scharr, 23, of Fairfield.

"Scharr physically resisted the officers which resulted in an officer being assaulted," said the Davis Police Department spokesperson Glenn Glasgow in a release. 

"The officer was kicked several times," Glasgow told Davis Patch. 

Scharr’s friend, 37-year-old Brian Woodson, also of Fairfield, was also taken into custody after he attempted to interfere with the officers. 

Scharr was taken to the Monroe Detention Center for assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, and public intoxication. Woodson was also taken to the Yolo County Jail for public intoxication.

The officer who was assaulted sustained minor injuries to his hand, according to the Davis Police Department. 


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