Officers Locate 2 Missing Persons in One Day (Dixon Police Log)

Dixon Police Log for October 29, 2012

0625 Hit-and-run (non-injury), occurred during the night, in the 1100 block of Afton Way.  

0730 Suspicious vehicle in area of Schooner Ridge/Regency Parkway.   

0746 Report of prowlers in the 700 block of Porter Road.  It was determined that no crime occurred.

0848 Report of a structure fire in the 400 block of La Esperanza Way.  

0858 Follow-up related to hit-and-run (non-injury) in the area of Ellesmere Drive/Afton Way.  

1057 Theft in the 1000 block of Newgate Way.  

1139 Threats reported at PD.  Determined to be non-criminal.  

1237 Suspicious person in the 1300 block of Stratford Avenue.

1302 Medical call in area of Pembroke Way/Fountain Way.

1437 Parking violation in the area of Bell Drive/Pembroke Way.  

1458 Traffic collision in the 400 block of South 1st Street.  

1506 Abandoned vehicle reported in the 200 block of North Lincoln Street.  

1520 911 call in the 100 block of West A Street.

1610 Family disturbance in the 1300 block of West H Street regarding a juvenile threatening to run away.  Officers located and returned juvenile home.

1710 Follow-up via telephone.

1755 Disturbance (neighbor) in the 1000 block of Newgate Way.  

1800 Disturbance (neighbor) in the 1100 block of Kent Ct.   

1840 Assist citizen in the 400 block of Ellesmere Dr.   

1930 Assist citizen via telephone.   

1945 Suspicious vehicle in the 300 block of N. First St.   

1955 Traffic collision in the 500 block of Stratford Av.   

2007 Missing person reported in the 300 block of S. First St.  Missing person was located and returned to family. 

2010 Family disturbance in the 1300 block of West H Street. 

2110 Verbal disturbance in the 6500 block of Milk Farm Rd.

2115 Family disturbance in the 400 block of East A St.   

2120 Agency assist for CHP via telephone.

2140 Verbal disturbance in the 900 block of Newgate Way.    

2300 Assist citizen in the 200 block of West H St.   

0230 Foot patrol in downtown area.

0305 Security check in the 500 block of Amesbury Dr.

Bil Paul October 30, 2012 at 06:17 PM
I was the one who called 911 for the medical call at 1302 hours. I'd just returned from a bike ride and was walking over to get my mail from the street mailbox when a Hispanic woman pushing a stroller was yelling at me "Persona" and pointing down the street. There at the corner of Pembroke and Fountain, a large person was lying in the street and not moving. I ran in my home, got my cell phone and then ran to the unmoving body. The body was that of a young man, lying next to a bicycle. He had a large, bleeding gash just above one eyebrow and was unresponsive to my voice. He was also shaking, shuddering -- whatever the best descriptive word is. I called 911 and it wasn't long before a fire truck, ambulance and police cars came. The nice thing about a small town is how fast help arrives. Before they arrived, a small crowd of people had gathered and I got a couple small towels from my home to put under his head. (Continued ... )
Bil Paul October 30, 2012 at 06:18 PM
(Continued ... ) People were trying to talk to the young man in Spanish and English. Now it looked like he was more conscious, and it appeared to me that he was of Chinese or Korean.ancestry. A woman who lived nearby said she had seen him walking his bike down the sidewalk just minutes before. The victim was still grasping onto his bicycle, and I took his hand off it and we moved the smallish bicycle aside. As the EMTs went to work, it appeared they were going to move him onto a stretcher, and I left. Afterwards, I put two and two together and thought that maybe he'd had an epileptic seizure, because of the way he was convulsing (there's the word I was trying to think of) when I first arrived. I called the police/fire dispatch number and informed them of what I had first seen. You never know when a quiet neighborhood will turn into a dire medical situation and you meet neighborhood people you've never spoken to before. The whole thing is still a bit of a mystery. At the very least, this person is going to need a lot of stitches above his eyebrow. If anyone knows any more about this please fill me in.


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