Napa Man Arrested, Accused of Running Brothel, Trafficking Immigrant Women

Erik Cosme, 33, was arrested with another suspect by San Rafael police after a six-month investigation.

Overhead view of apartments at 260 Canal St., San Rafael. Credit: Zillow.
Overhead view of apartments at 260 Canal St., San Rafael. Credit: Zillow.
San Rafael police arrested two men Thursday for human trafficking in San Rafael and Napa.

Erik Cosme, 33, of Napa, and Delmar Tanchez, 31, of San Rafael were arrested after a six-month investigation of prostitution in San Rafael's Canal neighborhood, police said.

Cosme also operated a brothel at his home in Napa, police said. Cosme would facilitate the transportation of at least two Hispanic women every week, police said.

(Further details on the Napa locale were not released. Patch will update when more information is available.)

The women are believed to be new immigrants from Central America, police said.

The investigation, which included the FBI and the Marin County Probation and Sheriff's departments, began in October after police received a complaint about prostitution in the Canal area, police said.

Cosme operated a residence solely for prostitution and benefited financially from the operation, police said.

The operation moved to residences in different parts of the Canal area and finally settled at an apartment at 260 Canal St., police said.

Two women believed to be victims of human trafficking were in the apartment when Cosme and Tanchez were arrested, police said.

The women were offered services from the Center for Domestic Peace and were released, police said.

Cosme and Tanchez were booked in the Marin County jail for pimping, pandering and keeping a house of prostitution.

-- Bay City News
Iris Dandi April 11, 2014 at 09:09 PM
Who were the johns? What was their market? Where did they advertise - I am curious to know so that I can recognise anything similar
wiseone April 14, 2014 at 07:44 PM
Iris Dandi, I agree that any those who sought sexual services should be arrested and charged,too,but I think law enforcement was focusing on arresting the pimps involved in human trafficking,which is a serious problem. These women were more than likely illegal immigrants from Central America. They need to be given the option of going into a safe house,where they can receive treatment,or being deported. The reason that law enforcement should do this is that they will more than likely be out on the street working for another pimp unless they are given sanctuary in a safe house. I live in Alta Heights and I'm pretty sure there is something of a similar nature going on in the apartments near where I live. Things have quieted down of late,however. I wonder if Napa Patch would find out the address of the brothel in Napa.
mmdoggie May 10, 2014 at 05:35 PM
I believe you are correct about there being something similar near you! Napa has a huge human trafficking problem. Possible streets to be cautious of are Locus St., Wilkins St., E St., Division St., Cuttings Wharf, Bel Air Shopping Center, Winters, Lake Berryessa. My daughter was hospitalized back in October because of this group and Kidnapped February of this year. I agreed to back off and leave them alone for the release of my daughter in which they did release her. I have since moved her out of State for her safety. The human's that are being trafficked here in Napa are local Napa young adults and minors. Please keep your children safe!
Gina Ritter May 03, 2014 at 05:26 PM
Thanks for reporting on this, Susan. It's scary how much human trafficking is in the Bay area and no one knows about it.
Prickly Pear May 11, 2014 at 12:34 PM
How sick and disturbing.... first it was wealthy winery owners enslaving Mexican immigrants (therefore the creation of housing and Clinic Ole....) now it's "legals" enslaving girls and women... bastards.


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