Motorcyclist in Field, Missing Juvenile Found & More Police Calls

Police calls from Dixon in the last 24 hours.

0605    Suspicious vehicle in the 1500 block of Hannah Court. 


0759    Follow-up in the 1200 block of Stratford Avenue. 


0814    Burglary in the 1100 block of Business Park Drive. 


0815    Civil standby via the telephone. 


0949    Agency assist for Benicia PD in the 300 block of West E Street. 


0957    Vehicle collision in the 600 block of East A Street. 


1019    Fraud in the 500 block of Fountain Way. 


1159    Fraud/ID Theft reported via the telephone.


1259    Citizen assist at the PD.


1302    Family disturbance in the 300 block of Alderglen Drive resulted in the arrest of Christopher Barr, (29) of Dixon, for misdemeanor domestic violence. EPO granted. 


1353    Civil Standby via the telephone.


1421    Theft in the 1600 block of Winfield Street. 


1519    Follow-up in the 200 block of East D Street. 


1521    484 (IPod) in the 500 block of College Way. 


1558    Credit card fraud reported at PD. 


1600    Vehicle stop of a motorcyclist in field east of sound wall at Porter Road. 


1633    H&S activity on the pathway behind Gill Court. 


1659    Security check in the 600 block of South 1st Street. 


1720    Credit card fraud reported in the 500 block of North Almond Street


1850    Follow up in the 400 block of Hillcrest Cir.  


1945    Theft in the 400 block of Ellesmere Dr. 


2010    Missing juvenile in the 700 block of West H St. Juvenile later found.


2050    Domestic violence in the 700 block of Porter St. Determined to be unfounded. 


2225    Reckless driver at West B & N. Adams Streets. 


0010    Alarm in the 400 block of 450 Porter Rd. 


0035    Agency assist for VPD in the 1000 block of Merrill Dr. Property of victim located. 


0110    Graffiti in the 1000 block of Business Park Dr.  


0220    Security check on foot patrol for downtown. 


0410    Security check on foot patrol for downtown.


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