We Need Your News: Send it Our Way!

Please save LindseyH.Patch@gmail.com to your address book. Forward it to everyone you know so that we know about all news in Dixon.

Dixon Patch wants your news.

Occasionally we hear about very newsworthy local events and happenings after they have taken place. We don't like that. 

It's our goal to cover as much as we can. We usually have police, fire, city government, business and local fundraisers covered pretty well, in part thanks to our reporting but also because those organizations keep us in the loop.

But we know many more exciting things are happening.

As Jim Carrey said, "unless you put your ear to the ground, you'll never hear the buffalo comin'."

We need your ears to help us hear.

My email address is LindseyH.Patch@gmail.com, please save it to your address book and forward it to anyone you know who is involved in charities, organizations, church groups, schools, sports teams, official department heads for our surrounding cities and counties, committees, PIOs, coalitions, youth groups, non-profits, local agencies... the more the merrier.

Like us on Facebook at facebook.com/DixonPatch to stay current on news features thoughout the day. Share our articles on your wall, comment freely on things that interest you; this is how we know what you want from us.

There are 415,000 people in the Solano County, 20,000 of them in Dixon; we look forward to hearing from many of you. If you feel something is newsworthy, send it our way. 


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