Spending Time With Family Is A Best Bet

This Weekend's Best Bet is spending time with family.

Normally I would talk about a concert, play, or sporting event for the Weekend's Best Bet, but this time it's a little different. With Christmas coming up the only best bet I can think of is spending time with family.

Most of my family resides not too far. Mom lives in American Canyon, brother lives in Elk Grove and sister lives in Richmond. We all get together for a Christmas Eve dinner and in the tradition of my culture, to open Christmas gifts at midnight.

The holidays have always been a time when our father returns to spend time with our family. You see, for most of my life dad has lived in El Salvador. He would always return to us in the Bay Area to spend Christmas with us. He was our favorite present.

Today, dad lives in Florida (it's a lot like El Salvador weather-wise, except that it's quite a bit safer than Central America) and has recently returned to California to spend the holidays with us again. I took him on a tour of Dixon recently.

We drove through Downtown Dixon, and I showed him the Christmas tree planted at Women's Improvement Club Park.  The town charmed dad and we drove through Highway 113. We thought we'd try to get a peek of the cows and lambs roaming the fields and so we made a left onto Midway Road. While watching the rain pour down, we got lost in the beautiful agricultural landscapes that make Dixon special.

The rain seemed to be nurturing the land right before our eyes, and in a way, our relationship as father and son. I will always treasure that moment with dad, driving through Dixon in the rain.

Debra Dingman December 24, 2010 at 05:17 AM
This is the second time in just a few days that I heard about opening presents at midnight as a cultural tradition but I've never known about this before. I'm curious where/what the idea stems from. Please tell.
Carlos Villatoro December 24, 2010 at 09:10 AM
To tell you the truth, it's just always the way that my family has done it. It's also done in Mexico and other countries south of the border. I'm not sure where the tradition stems from but it sure is fun not having to wait until 'Santa' delivers the gifts. When I was younger, my uncles used to say that Christmas was not only the birthday of Christ, but the birthday of the world, so therefore let's celebrate as soon as we can!


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