Rare Football Moment Kicks Viewing Up

49ers Game Was Crazy Fun

As a woman, I have to tell you there are few times that I’ve enjoyed watching any type of sports games on television but yesterday was one of them.

We had to do some work up in Sacramento so had arranged visiting with my older son and daughter-in-law afterwards. The timing coincided perfectly with the San Francisco 49er vs. the New Orleans Saints game. Both my sons have been fans of the 49ers since they could walk. My older son was a Joe Montana then Steve Young and Jerry Rice fan and the posters tacked up in their rooms boasted that fact.

Recently and for a Christmas gift, I got them and my husband tickets to one of the games secretly tucking the tickets inside official 49er hats and inside a wrapped box. It was one of the best responses to Christmas gifts a mother or wife could hope for.

So after visiting with my daughter-in-law for a little bit, my son reminded us that the game was on apparently under the mis-guided belief that we could not see the 15-foot television screen just a couch away. So we shut up and settled into our comfort areas to watch it with them.

It shocked me when I heard a crazy woman let out a long hooting all the while one of the 49ers hustled a very long run toward their goal. All the family members looked at me in surprise and my older son stood and gave me a high five. I just was so excited I could not contain myself.

There were nine seconds left in the game and we were all pretty down with the score, 29-32 in the Saints favor. But, then Alex Smith threw a 14-yard pass that went straight like a bullet to Vernon Davis who caught it just inside the goal then tumbled across into the end zone for a touchdown. It was a completely freak kind of touchdown attempt that worked.

The living room went into a frenzy joy. Both sons flew into the air with shouts and chest bumps. It was one of those great moments that make game watching worth another several more years of viewing. We watched Davis cry with disbelief and you knew what he was thinking: “I can’t believe I just did that!” It was so funny to watch this giant football guy weep with joy but you knew that is exactly what he did and it was great! I think I’ll be hanging out with my sons a little bit more now.

Carlos Villatoro January 15, 2012 at 08:55 PM
I was in the parking lot of Target listening to the game on the radio. Heard the "Catch" being broadcasted and made sure to let everyone know that the Niners have just scored what would be the final touchdown of the game! My daughter was horrified. "Dad, everyone could hear you" "I was embarrased." GO NINERS!
Debra Dingman January 16, 2012 at 06:30 AM
That's the way to stand up for your team, Carlos!


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