Judge Candidate Rick Cohen Not Suited For Bench Due To Ethics Problems, Federal Lawsuits, Charge Opponents

Fredrick Cohen is not qualified to be elected a Yolo County judge, claim family court whistleblowers

Family law attorney Fredrick Cohen's candidacy for Yolo County judge is strongly opposed by family court watchdogs.
Family law attorney Fredrick Cohen's candidacy for Yolo County judge is strongly opposed by family court watchdogs.

Family law attorney Fredrick Cohena candidate for an open Yolo County judge seat, is not qualified for the bench, according to a group of Sacramento Family Court reform advocates.

Cohen has twice been sued in federal court for violating the civil rights of unrepresented family court litigants involved in child custody disputes, and has been tied to ethics violations as a divorce attorney.  

Unrepresented, pro per family court party Heather Deluz sued Cohen for fraud, falsifying court records, defamation, conspiracy, infliction of emotional distress and civil rights violations. The allegations against Cohen were never disproven, and the lawsuit was dismissed on technical grounds of federal immunity. 

Click here to read the federal complaint filed by Deluz. In his motion to dismiss the suit, Cohen did not deny the allegations. Click here to read Cohen's memorandum of points and authorities filed in support of his motion.   

In a second federal case, similar charges against Cohen were made by another family court party without an attorney, Igor Chepel. Click here to view the lawsuit filed by Chepel. After Chepel voluntarily dismissed the case due to bankruptcy, Cohen and his co-defendants made a fraudulent request for $17,000 in attorney fees against the indigent pro per.

United States Magistrate Judge Kendall J. Newman was not amused and denied the request, chastising the defendants in this court order. Unethical conduct by Cohen also has been reported by Sacramento Family Court News, an online nonprofit journalism organization. Click here to view articles about Cohen at SFCN.

In addition, Cohen is a temporary judge in Sacramento Family Court. Family court watchdogs have documented and all but proven that the judge pro tem program effectively operates as an organized criminal enterprise where lawyers are rewarded with rubber-stamped orders for paying clients and other perks in exchange for running the settlement conference program for the court.

Court watchdogs also contend that the Sacramento Family Court judge pro tem program scheme results in the public being deprived of the federally protected right to honest government services, a federal crime

Cohen is aware of the racketeering enterprise, but has failed to report the misconduct as required by Canon 3D(1) & (2) of the California Code of Judicial Ethics, the ethical standards all judges and temporary judges must follow, the watchdogs charge.


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