VIDEO REVIEW: The Bourne Legacy and Life After Matt Damon

Five years after the Bourne Trilogy ends, another one begins. Is it a quality reboot or does this one lack punch?

The Bourne Legacy is playing at Regal Cinemas Davis and Brendon Vacaville 16. Here are the showtimes

With Matt Damon's character gone we are introduced to Aaron Cross, played by Jeremy Renner. He's member of a group of elite agents on high risk long term missions in The Bourne Legacy.

Within a few minutes of the movie starting we see just how tough this new character is as he goes in search of some pills that make him physically and mentally the ultimate soldier, but his activities threaten to expose some wrongdoing inside the US government and he butts heads with Eric Byer, Ed Norton. Cross then finds himself on the run with Rachel Weisz who plays a doctor, then basically after that it's one chase scene after another.

When the action does arrive, its pulsating enough, but for the most part, is too reminiscent of previous films, only not as good, which really is the problem with this film through out.

As good as Renner is he never the action hero Matt Damon was. Sure its entertaining, but ultimately its the fourth best movie in a series of four. So the flick-o-meter gives The Bourne Legacy a three out of five. The climax of the film, for me, ended in somewhat of a whimper when it needed a bang.  The franchise does have a new action hero but I was hoping more in the Bourne Legacy. 

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