Community Rally's Around Powell Family & Davis Schools

Here are some supportive comments from community members in Deck the House contest which could bring $100,000 to Davis schools. Share your words of support in this article!

The level of support for the Powell family in the Deck the House contest has been unbelievable. It's a true testament to the importance of education in Davis. 

With just a two days of voting left, we have a very real shot at winning $100,000 for our public schools. Community members have aggressively spread the word and the Davis Enterprise has provided consistent coverage. I delivered lawn signs to supportive homes and businesses Thursday night. It was great to hear people's excitement. (Email me at justin.cox@patch.com if you want one). 

That support has also been shown online, as you can see in the comment below, which come from the Deck the House site

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  • Meaghan Likes: Beautiful home and some great causes. Keep the votes going. Thank you to the Powell family for creating this wonderful opportunity for our schools!
  • Mary Ruiz: This is why we call Davis home! We rally together for the greater good of our community -- this is another shining example! Great flyers, signage, coverage in the Enterprise ...and, of course, we wouldn't be voting if it weren't for the Powell family - extra thanks to you!! Go Team Davis!
  • Tariq Masroor: Powell family: Thanks for the great work. We will keep voting.
  • Ken Roberts: As you know, I work on the international space station. What a joy it was for our crew members to see your house from space. Jim has done an amazing job lighting the house and adding to the revenue stream for Pacific Gas & Electric. Win win!! Great work Powells!
  • Sarah Powell: Posted your house on my Facebook page. My family and had a horrible 2011. We lost almost everything. I hope that the winning vote goes to your house which brought us joy a midst the storm. Love and hugs from another Powell family in Carmichael...Michael. Sarah, Nick, Anthony, Mathew, and Jason...oh, and don't forget Foxy dog, D.C. kitty and Papa kitty too.
  • Janet Sivori Berry: Thanks for all your efforts on this & the Emergency food drive, Kristy! Davis is lucky to have you and your family in our community! Let's all work together & vote every day to bring the 100k home to our Davis schools!
  • My H. Tran: I am really glad Davis is in the top, shows how awesome our community is :D Plus all the hard work the Powell's family had put in for Christmas and for the community. Let's vote till... well till we reached the limit for voting.
  • Lynette Ecklund: The Powell's have created most all of their decorations the old fashioned way, completely by hand with basic materials! Their woodworking and artistic skills have given Candycane Court so much of its charm! The hand painted train and toy shop are our favorites. Thanks for all of your efforts for STEAC with the canned food drive and for our schools!
  • Suzanne Lindley: Kristy - Your house looks fantastic! I can't believe that you took the time to do all of this with everything else that you have going on right now. You're amazing! Good luck!
  • Kelly Fritsch: This is so exciting! Oh my goodness, so many votes already.. I will diligently vote everyday. Go Davis!! Thanks so much Kristy!
  • Deniene Erickson: We moved from Davis several years ago and now live in the Bay Area, but I loved my childhood there and hope you win to help benefit the schools. Good luck!
  • Carmen Montano: Congratulations in advance, this court is beautiful, it really captures the holliday spirit. You guys do a great job every year. I love that we live in this neighborhood and can enjoy it! Good luck and thank you for an amazing job ! Let's vote and win for the Davis Schools :)
  • Carol Sorensen: Good luck Kristy and Davis Schools! My college-aged kids look forward to visiting Candy Cane Court every Christmas when they come home--thanks to you and your neighbors!
  • Melissa Kieffer: We love your whole street at Christmas! The kids beg every year to drive down Candy Cane Lane, and we always do. In fact, your entire surrounding neighborhood is a joy to see as well, and your spirit is contagious. Will you keep the street decorated until the end of the contest? I think all of Davis will be celebrating with you! Good luck!
  • Leigh Ann Nilsson: Everyone should know that the family in this house sponsors a food drive for the local emergency shelter every holiday season. Yet another great reason to vote for this house (in addition to the fact that it looks amazing).
  • Elizabeth Barthel: I love driving by every year and seeing the Davis spirit. I am only 26 ,but decorating is one of my favorite things to do and driving .I love driving around seeing all the lights;it is one of my favorite past times .Best of luck and thanks for sharing the joy of the holidays with all of us.
  • Mary Wright Basso: This is such an Awesome decoration job!! Seeing it in person is the best way to appreciate all the creativity and hard work that went into it. A picture doesn't do it justice.
  • Wil Burdick: saw you on GoodDay (Sacramento)... had to vote .. goodluck
  • Wendy Light: The local newspaper, The Davis Enterprise, has done a great job publicizing this website and the opportunity to vote in the deckthehouse.patch.com contest for the Powell's home. Thank you!
  • Adam McCoy: The picture does not do it justice. It was even more spectacular in person!!!
  • Shawn Mayr: Lets keep voting folks... Georgia has some nice lights too and they are gaining ground on us. Let the country know that you think Davis and the Powells are awesome.
  • Kimberly Cornelious: This is an awesome opportunity for us to show add revenue to our schools. I am so glad someone put this on the PTA listserv or I would have never known. Vote daily folks!
  • Devon Hayakawa: Yay Powell Family! I go to Holmes with Tyler, an I'm glad to support a fellow percussionist-- as well as a whole community! Go team Davis!
  • Colleen Martin: Hello Kristy & Family, You and your neighbors always make our neighborhood look amazing! Thank you for making this happen for our schools!
  • Kaelin Perkins: Kristy & Family. Thank you for supporting Davis schools! My family is new to Davis and Birchlane. What a fine example this is for our daughters and of the amazing town we are now a part of.
  • We will be driving by tonight to view the lights! - The Perkins
  • Roderick Girlie: Every year it's been our family tradion to visit house's with the most beautiful lights. Our eyes caught and locked-in, in this house Ms Powell :) my son told me oppsss... That's my teachers house and he said wooowwww...thank you for giving more time for this event and makes a happy viewers every year.Take care :) - Uriarte's
  • Julie Leonard: What a great way to support our schools! Thank you for doing what you do! The house looks great as usual.
  • Cathie Duniway: This is fun, easy, and a chance to get big bucks for Davis schools!
  • Ray Keck: As ex-neighbors, we're thrilled to see you as finalists on Patch, and have been voting for you every day. Thanks for doing what you do, year in and year out! - Ray & Tonya
  • Alan Hirsch: Go Davis! We won the best farmer's market...now this.....power of community. Kudos to Powells for the STEAC efforts for those less fortunate!
  • Denise Cota: Love this house! It is a tradition that we visit Kristy Powells house in candy cane lane every Christmas!! It is just beautiful!
  • Kristy Powell: Thank you for voting! We so appreciate all the support. It is so amazing to see the town of Davis working together for such a great cause! Only a few more days to go. Keep voting and spreading the word! Go Davis!


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