Prop 37: A Discussion at Monticello Seasonal Cuisine in Davis

A panel gathered to discuss the labeling of genetically modified food, which will be on the ballot on Nov. 6.

Davis Media Access (DMA) recorded a recent panel discussion on Proposition 37, which involves the labeling of genetically modified food. 

The panel took place Oct. 21 at Monticello Seasonal Cuisine and was sponsored by Monticello Seasonal Cuisine, UC Davis Slow Food, Davis Media Access, Davis Food Co-op and Bison Brewing.

Where do you stand on Propo. 37? Tell us below. 

Moderated by Desmond Jolly,  panelists included Tom Fendley, Political Director for prop 37; Dr. Kent Bradford, Director of the Seed Biotechnology Center at UC Davis; Sally Fox, an organic farner in the Capay Valley with a background in traditional plant breeding; andJim Eldon, a UCD graduate and local organic farmer/owner of Fiddlers Green Farm in the Capay Valley, and co-owner of Monticello.

Chris November 02, 2012 at 04:59 PM
It seems, every person or group for or against, likes to tell you their side of the story/issue and make it seem quite flowery or quite frightening depending on their belief or political motivation. Every time I get a "No on N" flyer I also get a vote for Steve Byrd flyer. Kind of makes me wonder if he's worried about transparency if he gets elected. That being said, it is still enough to know that the ordanances and propositions be put forrth on the ballot are, let's say misleading to be nice. so I will most likely vote NO on all of them. We need to have an ordanance that requires the items put on the ballot, have a common sense definition that is the defining definition making the intent more important than the wording.
Barb Herman November 05, 2012 at 12:38 AM
We need to be concerned about having the healthiest foods possible. Without labeling we cannot make good value choices.


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