Over 300 Animals Bought and Sold at the Dixon May Fair Livestock Auction

On a hot 102 degree day generous buyers paid a good price for livestock at the May Fair.

One of the staples of the Dixon May Fair must be the Livestock Auction.  This year the buyers’ pit was full of bidders who where eager to spend money on the many great-looking animals for sale.  Let's get some of the numbers out of the way.

A total of 327 animals were for sale Saturday, with lambs leading the pack with 121. Only 10 turkeys were present but they sold for an average of $300.  The Supreme Champion Turkey raised by Wyatt Currie sold for $400 weighing in at 30 lbs.  The Supreme Champion Hog raised by Lily Kett sold for $7 a pound and weighed 263 pounds.  Those are just some of the top animals sold while we where there.  If you have the sale prices for the lambs and steers feel free to post them in the comments below.

Next to raising the animals, 4-H and FFA kids were on hand to help with the auction itself as well. Running the bill of sale to a buyer or helping out with other jobs.  One of the hardest things to do comes after the auction when you have to say goodbye to your animal.  These kids know the true meaning off know what you eat and where it comes from.

The video attached to this article gives you a good idea of how the auction works. Personally, I hope this part of the May Fair keeps going, even as some of the meat packing plants that process the meat for this auction have to close because of hard times.

It was good to see first time buyers purchasing animals and longtime supporters doing so as wells. It was also nice to see first-year FFA'ers selling animals.  Believe it or not but we need these future producers of livestock.

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