Get Your Math On Friday at Six Flags

It's "Math, Science & Physics Day" at the amusement park in Vallejo.

Credit: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo.
Credit: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo.
It's Math, Science & Physics Day on Friday -- May 23 -- at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo.

While a day at the park is no doubt, a fun experience, understanding the mathematical formulas, energy and motion to develop roller coasters and ride attractions is truly mesmerizing. On Math, Science & Physics Day, science and fun really DO collide!

With the assistance of specially designed workbook activities, ride the thrill coasters then take an academic approach. 

You'll find you know a lot more than you thought and that by applying math and physics to a recreational atmosphere, everything becomes much more fascinating!

The "Picnic Package" with admission and all-you-can-eat meal is $37.58.

Admission without the meal is $25.99.

Details here. 


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