Council Limits Fireworks Permits In Response to Profit Complaints

City Council decides fewer fireworks stands should yield better reward for non-profit volunteers manning the 2014 booths. Application period now open through Feb. 3.

Dixon Fire Department announced today that non-profit groups from Dixon desiring to operate a Safe and Sane Fireworks Sales Stand in July, have 25-days from today to submit their applications.

Last year, eight fireworks stands were permitted to groups not for profit in Dixon, however, this year, only six stands will be allowed.

According to the council special meeting agenda, various groups awarded booth permits in 2013, reported the tremendous work and long hours in extreme heat rewarded very little profit for their organization.

Mayor Jack Batchelor explained during Tuesday night's meeting that, while the eight stands grossed a total of $97,911, due to location and business partnerships, the distribution of profit was certainly not an even eighth of the pie, stating, "I think eight-stands is too many."

According to Batchelor, gross sales varied from $3,113, all the way to $22,438 per booth, netting between as little as $1,060 to $20,000 bring home for each respective volunteer group's seven-days of work. Rental space per location also varied from no cost, $500 to $3000 depending on the agreement between the fireworks wholesaler, non-profit group, and the business owner.

Because there were reportedly three distinctively lower-producing stands, Dixon Fire Chief McAlister proposed limiting permits to only five, selecting one youth sports group, one religious organization, one civic organization, one veteran's organization, and a "last chance" permit to pool all unchosen groups for one last permit. 

Although Councilman Tom Bogue opposed limits, stating, "rather than council opposed limits, competition alone should reduce number of applicants," and likening the proposal to limiting the number of businesses allowed in town, the Council voted to set the six booth limit, adding a second youth sports permit.

Councilman Steve Bird noted the importance of this annual fundraiser for the budget of many non-profit groups in town, noting, “These vendors makes a large profit by the work of all volunteer workers,” and suggested the vendors begin contributing to the community fireworks display.

Chief McAlister says he is satisfied with the councils decision, and explained, "Although the limits were in response to the non-profits' concern with over-saturation, less booths means less risk of stored combustible material scattered throughout town as well."

Application and answers to frequently asked questions from can be found at www.dixonfire.org. They may also be picked up in person from the Dixon Fire Department at 205 Ford Way and from City Hall at 600 East “A” Street in Dixon CA 95620. 

Applications must be turned in to City Hall along with the filing fee no later than 
the close of business Feb. 3, the lottery will be held March 20, 11:00 a.m. in the Fire Department Training Room.

Additional information can be obtained by calling the Fire Department at 707-678-7060.


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