Less Cars, More Action at 2012 Demolition Derby

The 2012 derby filled up the grandstand for an exiting evening of dirt, gas and the sound of metal crunching.

Sunday night’s air was filled with the smell of gasoline and engine exhaust.  The Demolition Derby marks the end of the Dixon May Fair with a bit of bumps, crunches and twisted metal -- and this year, a streaker.

The derby arena was noticeably filled with less cars and trucks. The decreased number of participants made for a more exciting derby as less cars means more room to crash and bash.

The Derby was divided into four heats, two dedicated to cars and the other two to trucks. It also featured two main events for both classes. The excitement of the derby brought out the worse in one individuals, who chose to streak across the derby track. The man – who exposed himself to the audience, which consisted of many children and their parents – was arrested and taken to jail.  

This year’s derby featured three Garcia family members, Pedro Garcia made his return to the Derby track in a truck (62x) for the first time since 2007.  He managed to take first place in his heat.  His brother Ralph “Wolfman” Garcia Sr., brought the carnage in the 63 station wagon.  Ending the main event for the cars with a head to head against his son Ralph “Goose” Garcia Jr. Alex Segovia competed in his last May Fair Derby and put in a great effort.

Just like last year, after the main event concluded for the cars, most of the audience left the arena. But the few that stayed for the main event for the trucks saw a great show, complete with flames and a lot of smoke.  Many of the trucks on the track where left without a truck bed, tires and several other parts.  We would love to add the result of the Derby to this article however at the point of writing this article we have not received the results.  If you have the result feel free to add them as a PDF or post them to the comments below.

Many of the drivers are already looking forward to the 4th of July Derby.  I would like to encourage all spectators to stay to the end you never know what you will miss if you leave early.  If you can't make it the 4th of July we will surely see you at the 2013 Dixon May Fair Derby. 

Carlos Villatoro May 15, 2012 at 04:49 PM
Looks like a lot of fun! I will need to take this in next time. As far as the streaker, SMH!


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